13 October 2022 News

Traktor Nusantara launches SeNS+ and Enelore Lithium Battery features as Warehou...

JAKARTA - Traktor Nusantara returns to the world of exhibitions by participating in the largest Truck, Logistic, Mining & EV 2022 exhibition specifically for the 2022 Indonesia Forklift exhibition. This event is organized by PT GEM Indonesia which is located at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, on 5-7 October 2022.

Forklift expo 01At the Forklift Exhibition Indonesia 2022, Traktor Nusantara as the Market Leader in the industrial and warehouse equipment solution sector showcased several excellent and leading products, namely the 8FBE18 with SEnS+, 8FBN25, 8FBR18, 8FD30, FDZN30, LHE150, and Raymond 7720 features.

Forklift expo 02

As a form of improvement and service to customers, Traknus launched the latest technology in terms of operating safety, namely SEnS+ (Smart Environment Sensor Plus) which is found in the 8FBE18 series. On this occasion, visitors who come can watch the SEnS+ demo at the 8FBE Unit at the same time.

SEnS+ is the latest feature of Toyota Forklift which is designed to increase safety and minimize the risk of accidents while operating because this feature can automatically detect pedestrians or other objects by controlling the speed according to the distance of the detected object. This feature is suitable for use in industrial and warehousing sectors with heavy traffic and high productivity.Forklift expo 03

In this event, Traktor Nusantara launched Enelore Lithium-Ion Batteries which is the latest technology for environmentally friendly forklift batteries. Enelore Lithium-Ion Batteries are a new energy alternative compared to lead-acid batteries because lithium-ion batteries result in more efficient use of energy and flexibility in recharging.

The advantages of this Enelore Lithium-Ion Batteries apart from having good durability, this product also has a quick charging feature with optimal energy savings, then a maintenance free to increase operating comfort, and the most important thing is that this Enelore has a lifetime of up to 3500 cycles with warranty for five years.

Traktor Nusantara also offers attractive offers at the Forklift Exhibition Indonesia 2022. There are special prices and "Buy 2 Get 3" promos for the best quality products, namely 8FBE and 8FBR units. With a minimum of 2 units, you will have the opportunity to get 1 LHE 150 unit.

Forklift expo 07

The Traktor Nusantara Booth, which is located in Hall D1 Booth D1C2-01 (Indoor Space Hall), was visited by Danto Restyawan, Director of Road Facilities and Transportation, Director General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation. His arrival was greeted by the President Director of Traktor Nusantara, Widjaja Kartika.

Forklift expo 06

Traktor Nusantara also received an award directly from the organizers of GEM Indonesia as The Most Favorite Booth. This award is given based on the Visitor Choice which is assessed from the form of construction, the number of visitors and the products exhibited in the booth.

Forklift expo 04

In Indonesia Forklift 2022, Traktor Nusantara welcomes the trust of many customers. This can be proven through many customers who make deals on the spot and are ready to enjoy the features and the positive impact they get for their trust in Traktor Nusantara products

Indonesia Forklift 2022 is expected to be one of the stepping stones for Traktor Nusantara, especially in the industrial and warehousing sectors, because Traktor Nusantara has once again succeeded in proving that Traktor Nusantara is here to answer customer needs by providing solutions with products that are fit to the market that is equipped with services. best after sales. To get to know the latest Toyota material handling products, you can access the following link or contact Traknus Contact Center via telephone, Whatsapp, or live chat. (WAF)

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