As the agriculture country, nowadays, agriculture sector is the most crucial sector to support Indonesia’s economic growth. Currently, palm oil plantation and sugar cane plantation are two of the most developing sectors in agricultural. With regard to rapid development of world foods industry, at this time, food crop development is taken to the whole new level.

In order to support the agriculture sector, PT Traktor Nusantara provides various support equipment for a wide range of implementation, from land clearing, cultivating, treatment, harvesting, to crop processing, also equipment to maintain the plantation road.

All of these agriculture sector activities require reliable support equipment to facilitate and guarantee the production quality and quantity. The support equipment also needs after sales support with professional services. 

PT Traktor Nusantara is an agent for several reliable equipment in order to support agriculture sector, such as:

  1. MASSEY FERGUSON Farm Tractor
  2. Agriculture equipment, such as, Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, Rotaslasher and Rotavator
  3. KUBOTA mini excavator
  4. CANYCOM crawler
  5. TRAKNUS Generating Set (Open type and silent type) also Installation and Panel support

    Not only serve as selling agent for new equipment, in order to fulfil customer needs in agriculture sector, PT Traktor Nusantara  through its subsidiary Swadaya Harapan Nusantara also provide these services:

    1. Farm Tractor and Generating Set Rental
    2. Trade in old equipment with new equipment, only for Farm Tractor and Generating Set