Traknus Genset

PT Traktor Nusantara is an Exclusive Perkins Engine Distributor in Indonesia and also fabricating Genset since 1976.

Since 2020, PT Traktor Nusantara have two types operations which are classified with Traknus Genset and Traknus Genset S-Series

Traknus Genset itself classify the product into 2 types:

Open Type ( 9 – 2250 kVA) - Perkins Engine with Stamford Alternator

Silent Type ( 9 – 2250 kVA) - Perkins Engine with Stamford Alternator

"Traknus Genset is designed by qualified & experienced engineer. It has been proven with high performance & high-efficiency, excellent air-flow & fuel supply, safety and easy to operate and meet environment standard. Easy access for service and maintenance bring your investment on high ROI (Return on Investment) with warranty from Traknus as sole distributor. We complete your business solution by our competent engineering for Application and Installation as well."

Powered by Perkins Engine “The Heart of Every Great Machine” and qualified Alternator with High Efficient output performance through the design features had been proven in the world.

Fast after-sales service, precise and thorough, both parts and services to consumers throughout Indonesia also become your excellent choice for investment.