Public Contribute

PT Traktor Nusantara, hereafter TRAKNUS, believe that community is a success key of company business sustainability, therefore TRAKNUS continuously maintain synergy with the community to build up each other in actualizing the balance of business environment between People, Profit and Planet.

Together with "Semangat Astra Terpadu untuk Indonesia" (SATU Indonesia) in actualizing Global Goals, TRAKNUS participate with a concrete step through "BAKTI Traktor Nusantara Untuk Bangsa" (BAKTI NUSA) program with the main focus of activities in the field :

  • Education
  • Health
  • Environment
  • Income Generating Activity (IGA)

TRAKNUS realize that 4 fields above need to be done together in generating added value for company and build up tough community, increase community welfare also preserve the nature.


In order to support public education, TRAKNUS provide scholarship annually to school level from elementary - junior - high school - College. In addition, through TRAKNUS Mengajar program employees are invited to participate in the development of education in Indonesia.


To actualize the concern toward public health, TRAKNUS provide guidance for Integrated Health Post (Posyandu) unit in the area around the company with a number of activities including ; the provision of complementary ASI feeding, socialization to pregnant women, strengthening the Posyandu cadre and so forth. Additionally, TRAKNUS in cooperation with the Indonesian Red Cross through TRAKNUS Mendonor program conducting regular blood donors every 3 months.


TRAKNUS pay attention to environmental sustainability through TRAKNUS Menanam program which held regularly every year scattered in several regions in Indonesia. Beside that, TRAKNUS always carry out work practices which refer to Astra Green Company.

Income Generating Activity

As one of the objectives of the company in increasing added value for community around the company, TRAKNUS held Income Generating Activity (IGA) program. This program prioritized for communities around the company who are unemployed, with particular competency debriefing so they have competitiveness and may open up new business.