Power Generation and Air Solution

Nowadays, the electrical energy demand is increasing, with regard to the rapid growth of human populations, also the increasing activities in industrial sector. Unfortunately, the energy supply capacity is not yet able to fulfil all the demand.  

In order to assist the energy supply continuity, Traktor Nusantara has prepared solutions by way of providing reliable support equipment, completed with installation and after sales support, such as:

  1. PERKINS Industrial and Power Generation Engine
  2. TRAKNUS Generating Set (Open type and silent type) also Installation and Panel support
  3. INGERSOLL RAND Compressor

Not only serve as selling agent for new equipment, in order to fulfil customer needs in energy supply,  Traktor Nusantara through its subsidiary Swadaya Harapan Nusantara also provide these services:

  1. Generating Set Rental
  2. Load Bank rental, a load testing equipment to test Generating Set