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08 July 2024 News

New Milestone of TRAKNUS Makassar Quality Service

As a strategic step to fulfill the growing business needs, Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) inaugurated the new building of Makassar Branch Office on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. The office move from Jalan Ir. Sutami to Makassar Industrial Estate is not only a relocation, but also a symbol of modernization and the company's commitment to high quality service. 

The new building was constructed to the highest standards, following benchmarking and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) requirements. The building's state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities are designed to enhance customer comfort and satisfaction, and create an optimal working environment for all employees.

1. knews edisi w2 juli 2024 tonggak baru pelayanan berkualitas traknus makassar

This inauguration event is not only a ceremonial moment, but also aims to strengthen good relations between TRAKNUS Makassar Branch and stakeholders including customers, business partners and other stakeholders. This inauguration is also a form of gratitude and appreciation for the dedication of all parties involved in the construction of this building.

Hosted by Master of Ceremony Daniel Ardra Simon and Tiara Bandaso, a warm and friendly atmosphere was felt as soon as the inauguration ceremony was opened. It began with a prayer led by Service Department Head Makassar Zaky Daris Bamindo. As a thirst quencher, a performance by a local Makassar acoustic band called Trulyfun Coustic triggered a fluid and relaxed atmosphere, yet filled with togetherness.

Makassar Branch Operation Head Bagus Putra Kurniawan expressed his remarks, "In the long journey and facing various challenges during the construction process of this new building, we have shown extraordinary resilience, dedication, and hard work. This building is not just a physical structure, it is a symbol of TRAKNUS Makassar Branch's unwavering commitment to continuously innovate and improve services. The existence of this building reflects our dedication in providing the best for the community and making innovation the main foundation in every step forward."

Marketing Deputy Head Rendy Pratama shared his views, "In the projected growth of the company and confidence in the future of TRAKNUS Makassar Branch, it is important for us to continue to serve stakeholders with high dedication and professionalism. Maintaining good relationships with all business partners is the main foundation to achieve long-term success."

2. knews edisi w2 juli 2024 tonggak baru pelayanan berkualitas traknus makassar

The ribbon cutting procession, followed by the cutting of tumpeng (rice cone) symbolized the peak of the inauguration of this new office. This moment was also marked by the acceptance of a 15-year service award at Traktor Nusantara as Mechanic Muhamad Irfan. It is very appropriate that many thanks are juxtaposed as an acknowledgment of his dedication and hard work.

With the inauguration of this new building, Traktor Nusantara Makassar Branch strengthens its commitment in providing high quality services and building strong relationships with stakeholders in Bumi Celebes. (MID)

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