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11 July 2024 News

Fostering Service Quality Excellence TRAKNUS Organizes Best Mechanic 2024

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) again initiated the Best Mechanic 2024 event which was held from May 02 to June 20, 2024 with the theme "Beyond Your Limits For a Future Sustainability". This activity is a competition based on knowledge, skills and expertise for mechanics thanks to the ability to master techniques and non-techniques in problem solving efforts, along with providing the best after-sales service to customers.

TRAKNUS Best Mechanic 2024 competes in two categories, namely Category A for junior mechanics (MG 1- 4), and Category B for senior mechanics (MG 5-10). The initial selection stage of this contest begins with the selection of candidates conducted by the Service Department Head with an administrative review based on the benchmark of having worked for at least 4 years, accompanied by individual performance evaluation results with at least a B+ grade. From 210 mechanic contestants in 16 branches throughout Indonesia, 74 personnel were selected to take part in the next stage. The next stage is a written test screening through the Learning Management System (LMS) page and an online interview test on the zoom platform regarding technical knowledge and operational technical capabilities in accordance with their field of specialization. This series of sorting processes was led by a team of judges from the Training Center Instructor and Product Specialist.

1. knews edisi w2 juli 2024 memupuk keunggulan kualitas layanan traknus menggelar best mechanic 2024

1 Only the best 5 finalists were selected to enter the grand final representing each category in Jakarta, namely in category A, namely: Ronal Jhon Polnaya (Jambi), Andika Eko S (Sampit), Restu Nugroho (Surabaya), Awan Cahyo P (Jakarta) and Ahmad Noer (Jakarta) and category B representatives consist of: Kamalek (Jakarta), Agus Hariyanto (Medan), Asrofi Nur (Sampit), Sarjito (Jakarta) and Novri Zalfadri (Padang).

2. knews edisi w2 juli 2024 memupuk keunggulan kualitas layanan traknus menggelar best mechanic 2024

The excitement of this event was even more exciting and jarring at the peak of the Best Mechanic 2024 Grand Final competition, whose opening ceremony was held at the Jakarta Head Office Multipurpose Room. According to TRAKNUS Division Head Product Support Supriyadi, "The Best Mechanic 2024 contest is a form of TRAKNUS's seriousness in improving and fostering the degree of superior service and excellent quality, totality to meet the needs and satisfaction of customers. Many thanks to the entire committee and very grateful that this activity was greeted enthusiastically and positively by all TRAKNUS mechanics throughout Indonesia who competed in this event," he added.

3. knews edisi w2 juli 2024 memupuk keunggulan kualitas layanan traknus menggelar best mechanic 2024

Participants who advanced to the Grand Final in all categories were tested again to mobilize all abilities both technical and non-technical in taking the exam: Quiz, Innovations Presentation, and practical test of technical mastery skills for Toyota, Perkins, FG Wilson, Massey Ferguson and BT products. 

4. knews edisi w2 juli 2024 memupuk keunggulan kualitas layanan traknus menggelar best mechanic 2024

Based on the predetermined assessment criteria, the competition judges who also involved Division Heads and Managerial ranks have succeeded in choosing the best of the best winners in Category A as the first, second and third winners, respectively:  Restu Nugroho, Ahmad Noer and Andika Eko Saputro while in Category B: Sarjito, Asrofi Nur, and Kamalek who have made their mark in this year's event.

Making it an honor and glory for the winner of the Best Mechanic 2024 Contest Final, it was announced at the grand event "Family Gathering of TRAKNUS Group 2024 big family" at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) on Saturday, June 22, 2024.

Hopefully this competition will be an encouragement and inspiration for all TRAKNUS Group personnel to always strive to strengthen and excel in providing the best service for customers and make a positive contribution to the company and society, in line with the ongoing commitment to continue to grow for a more glorious future.

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