20 December 2023 News

Traktor Nusantara Strengthens Commitment in National Management Meeting 2024

Traktor Nusantara held the annual agenda of National Management Meeting (NMM) 2024 at Pullman Bali Legian Beach - Bali on November 14-17, 2023. This activity was attended by the Board of Directors, Managerial ranks and all Branch Operational Heads with the theme "Business Resilience with Sustainability Responsibility",

A flashback of the Planning Cycle 2024 series, starting from Pre RAPIM, AHEMCE RAPIM, Head Office RAPIM, Division RAPIM, Branch RAPIM, until the NMM 2024 event was closed. This event was organized as a means of capacity building and coordination for the managerial ranks of the head office and branches. In addition, it has the aim of building uniformity and accelerating steps in realizing the right Strategy & Activity next year.

1. knews edisi w4 desember 2023 traktor nusantara perkuat komitmen dalam national management meeting 2024

"Strengthen the ranks and strengthen the commitment to remain compact to actualize the 2025 guideline goals," said Traktor Nusantara President Director Harijadi Mawardi in reviewing the 2025 Guideline Goals.

 An interesting series at the NNM 2024 event this time prioritized strengthening the capacity of participants through education & discussion. In the first warnasari session, the Board of Directors continuously echoed directions and role models in improving performance to achieve top performance, resource management, strategy & activity placement, and development of the company's vision by prioritizing alignment, collaboration and effective coordination to ensure the achievement of company goals. This stage is a vehicle for interactive discussions in exchanging information, clarification, evaluation and building relationships, especially for Branch Operation Heads with the opportunity to dialog directly with the Board of Directors, in deepening understanding and finding solutions faced. Vice President Director Kosuke Tokutomi continued to play an active role in sharing his experience and knowledge of Sumitomo Corporation. 

2. knews edisi w4 desember 2023 traktor nusantara perkuat komitmen dalam national management meeting 2024

Another exciting session was the role-play learning method, where each group honed their problem-solving skills and teamwork in dealing with various common cases around them. The fantastic performance of the HCSSEHSGA Division initiative has played a major role in rejuvenating the basic principles of the foundation of the Company's culture and behavior (Core Value), namely the socialization of RAPID Core Value Rejuvenation to all head office and branch stakeholders at the right place and time.

3. knews edisi w4 desember 2023 traktor nusantara perkuat komitmen dalam national management meeting 2024

Preparing and facing the year 2024 which is full of turbulence, dynamics and challenges, the Board of Directors provides direction to prioritize cooperation and collaboration, a directed and measurable commitment to start developing planning, implementation and execution, as well as evaluating improvements in concretizing the theme of 2024, one of which is achieving the "Our Commitment" target that has been signed together.

The National Management Meeting 2024 is expected to make a positive contribution to strengthen the company's business foundation in facing future business challenges and sustainability and continue to realize responsibility for environmental sustainability. (DZA)

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