01 March 2023 News

Traktor Nusantara is Present at the BCA Expoversary 2023 to Become a Solution fo...

JAKARTA - This year, Traktor Nusantara participated in an exhibition held by Bank Central Asia (BCA), namely BCA Expoversary 2023. This exhibition was held to commemorate BCA's birthday which is located at the Indonesia Convention Center (ICE) BSD Tangerang on the 23rd - 26th February 2023.

Bca expo 2

Traktor Nusantara as the market leader in the industrial sector and warehouse equipment solution displays some of its superior products, namely 8FBN25 with Enelore Lithium Battery and BT Tyro LHE150. 8FBN25 is one of the Toyota Electric Forklift N Series products that is equipped with the SAS (System of Active Stability) and OPS(Operator Presence Sensing) features. SAS is a forklift system that is useful for detecting unsafe operating conditions. SAS will activate one of its two main features which increases the lateral and longitudinal stability of the forklift when a safety hazard is detected.

Then, OPS is a system that uses switch sensors mounted on the operator's chair and floor to detect the presence of the operator. If the operator is not in the normal operating position, the traveling power is interrupted and the load handling operation is stopped automatically. Both of these features are suitable to be applied in the industrial and warehousing sector with medium-size.

Meanwhile, the BT Tyro LHE150 Powered Pallet Truck is designed with a simple design making it suitable for light applications in limited areas such as retail, shops, warehouses, and factories. The BT Tyro LHE150 can also be maneuvered easily with a tiller arm which allows it to work flawlessly when in a vertical position as well as a long-life lithium-ion battery, fast charging, easy ensuring availability, and great flexibility.

Bca expo 3

In this exhibition, Traktor Nusantara also exhibited an environmentally friendly forklift battery, namely the Enelore Lithium-Ion Battery. Enelore Lithium-Ion Batteries are a new energy alternative that uses energy more efficiently and flexibly in recharging compared to lead-acid batteries. 

Apart from having long durability, Enelore Lithium-Ion Batteries are capable of performing quick charging so there is no need for a spare battery. Enelore Lithium-Ion Batteries are also maintenance-free to reduce operating costs and do not generate harmful gasses so they are environmentally friendly, and have a lifetime of up to 3500 cycles with a guarantee of up to 5 years.

Bca expo 4

At the BCA Expoversary 2023, Traktor Nusantara offers attractive promos for visitors. There are promotion “Buy 5 Get 1” for BT Tyro LHE150 products with a minimum purchase of 5 units, you will have the opportunity to get 1 additional unit of BT Tyro LHE150. In addition, there is also a promotion “Special Rate 0%” for Toyota Electric Forklift 8FBN25 products.

Bca expo 5

The Traktor Nusantara Booth located in Hall 5-6 Number KKB-603B was welcomed by the visitors and at the same time earned their trust. This is reflected in the presence of customers who did deal on the spot and are ready to enjoy the features and services provided by Traktor Nusantara.

Bca expo 6

BCA Expoversary 2023 is expected to be the opening exhibition this year to introduce Traktor Nusantara products, especially in the industrial and warehousing sector, and prove that the company is here to answer the needs of its customers by presenting products that are fit to the market and equipped with the best after-sales service. Interested in material handling products? Get more information about the material handling products through Traknus Contact Center at 1500 – 072 or WhatsApp at 0815-1106-1974. (IN)

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