19 December 2023 News

Traktor Nusantara Inaugurates Commodity Warehouse at Samarinda Branch Office

Traktor Nusantara inaugurated the Commodity Warehouse at the Samarinda Branch Office on November 22, 2023.  The inauguration of the Commodity Warehouse is a form of expansion and readiness of Traktor Nusantara in supporting commodity operations in the East Kalimantan area.

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The Warehouse inauguration ceremony was marked by ribbon cutting and tumpeng by Traktor Nusantara President Director Harijadi Mawardi and Samarinda Branch Operation Head Bambang Edi Fauyani, also attended by Parts Division Head Supriyadi and Managerial Parts Department followed by Genba reviewing the warehouse facilities.

The new Commodity Warehouse is expected to be able to support operations and increase sales including maintaining product quality, which is a form of effort to strengthen commitment to serving customers in the actualization of Core Value, namely "Delight Customer" said Harijadi Mawardi in his speech.

4. knews edisi w4 desember 2023 traktor nusantara resmikan warehouse commodity di kantor cabang samarinda

Along with the inauguration of Warehouse Commodity, Parts Division Traktor Nusantara also held PDH - East Region Meeting on November 22 - 24, 2023 at Samarinda Branch Office. This activity was held in order to evaluate activities and identify obstacles faced by branches in 2023 and finalize the spare parts sales strategy plan for next year.

One of the agendas in this activity is that each PDH describes the steps of achievement and expresses the real conditions faced, then greeted with the provision of direction and views in anticipating and dealing with existing obstacles by the management of the head office.  This disclosure is very meaningful in order to design effective strategies to improve sales performance in 2024.

The inauguration of Warehouse Commodity of Samarinda Branch Office and PDH East Region Meeting 2023 are a series of steps to knit the continuity of Traktor Nusantara's determination, always continue to grow and continue to strengthen the foundation of infrastructure supporting sustainable business. (AWP)

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