23 January 2024 News

Traktor Nusantara Holds Audit & Risk Management Awareness

Executive Management & Learning Center (EMLC) is a corporate function in carrying out its duties to assist the board of directors in providing input and preparing prospective company leaders both at the head office and branches. After successfully holding Audit & Risk Management Awareness for Managerial, EMLC penetrates competency development for Branch Leaders, collaborating with the Internal Control Function to hold Audit & Risk Management Awareness for Branch Leaders is the opening of a series of Leader Development programs, held online entitled "New Year, New Competency" on January 10, 2024.

In honoring her duties this year, Head of EMLC Carmila Shinta Uli Sihombing delivered superior programs for the development of Behavior Competencies (BC) and Business Management Competencies (BMC) aimed at Leaders & Specialists as an effort to address the rise of Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) in the business world and create a learning culture. EMLC's strategic goals in strengthening the People Fit capacity of Executive Management (EM) help the Board of Directors (BOD) prepare future executives who are ready and qualified (People Readiness) while the Learning Center (LC) plays a role in maturing Leaders & Specialists who are Mastery and Highly Motivated to support TRAKNUS Group's business progress. By recognizing the human resource map (strengths and weaknesses) in the organization EMLC builds priorities and treatment of employee development that is aligned with the company's strategy, she added.

1. knews edisi w4 januari 2024 traktor nusantara gelar audit risk management awareness

The event began with an opening speech by TRAKNUS President Director Harijadi Mawardi as well as Director in Charge, expressing an understanding of risk management for all TRAKNUS Group Branch Leaders who have an important role in the business realm, by identifying and being able to manage risks will support the achievement of company goals and targets, also giving a message to participants so that throughout the event they are active and creative in communicating so that there are innate sharing results.

The Audit & Risk Management Awareness activity this time presented a credible resource person, TRAKNUS Risk Management Staff Fajar Kusuma Wisnumurti, moderated by Radin Nandiwardhana Noor and Agung Prayogi, presenting 2 assessment sessions, namely lecturing & experience learning and workshop & discussion. 

2. knews edisi w4 januari 2024 traktor nusantara gelar audit risk management awareness

In the first segment, participants were provided with an understanding of strategic risk fundamentals & frameworks including an introduction to Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to identify, assess, manage risks at all levels in the company using the Risk & Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) method and documented in the Risk Register, as well as an understanding of financial ratio terms and procedures for implementing self-financial audits in each department in the branch.

The second segment continued with a risk identification workshop, participants to conduct risk assessment in each area using the Risk & Control Self-Assessment (RCSA) method along with action plans and monitoring, directly mentored by the Internal Control team. Armed with this training, Branch leaders can become embryos to be orbited into PIC Risk or better known as Risk Champion Owner (RCO).

Business management at TRAKNUS is closely related to risk management, so it is hoped that leaders can deepen their understanding of the risks that can occur in the company. It is hoped that ERM can be practiced as a first step to recognize the risks that arise and be mitigated appropriately, so that it can encourage more effective performance and increase company value. Leaders should understand the duties and responsibilities in their respective positions for risk control as a manifestation of the practice of the company's Core Values (RAPID) value Accountable Based on Integrity indicator 2, namely Responsible for the tasks carried out.

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