21 March 2024 News

TRAKNUS Parts Training & Benchmarking in Synergy with UT School

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) held Training & Benchmarking to develop a continuous learning ecosystem. This initiative was initiated by the Corporate Function of the Executive Management and Learning Center (EMLC) in synergy with UT School, a step towards constructive cooperation. This program is aimed specifically at Parts Division workers followed by Parts Analyst, Warehouse, and Logistics Staff took place on 12, 13, & 15 February 2024 at UT School, Cakung, East Jakarta. 

With the theme of efforts to strengthen the effectiveness of warehouse management and inventory management, this training agenda is an essential series to overcome the challenges faced by company operations. Moreover, this training does not only provide theoretical understanding, but also provides valuable practical experience when visiting the Komatsu Warehouse.

1. knews edisi w4 maret 2024 traknus selenggarakan parts training benchmarking sinergi dengan ut school

UT School Head of Marketing Edy S Pramono delivered his remarks, a special opportunity for participants to attend a review of key aspects in more efficient inventory mapping, improving warehouse and distribution effectiveness, and managing costs associated with inventory. Presented directly by Djaelani, an experienced Training Instructor and expert in exposing practical tactics and tips to optimize warehouse management processes so as to enrich the knowledge in this field.

Training & Benchmarking collaboration with UT School is an investment in improving the company's capabilities and competitiveness, as well as a solid dedication to achieving operational excellence. One of the highlights of the benchmarking event was at the Komatsu Warehouse, where participants were able to directly listen to how warehouse management is carried out efficiently in a real industrial environment and therefore directly provide insight into how best practice initiatives should be carried out, a positive inspiration that can be translated into company operations.

Head of EMLC TRAKNUS Carmila Sinta Uli Sihombing, revealed that since the inauguration of the Learning Center (LC) in the organization, it has become a noble challenge that is actively and innovatively continued to produce a mutual program in order to develop competencies and capabilities that are not only focused on Leader Development. The idea of this noble agenda is expected to be able to provide a significant boost for TRAKNUS People as a driver of the process of strengthening efficiency and productivity and reducing unnecessary cost waste. This initiative will certainly produce a true optimistic impact, especially in substantial performance renewal and cost conservation that supports future sustainability efforts. (APR)

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