29 May 2024 News

TRAKNUS Ignite Encourages Vocational Education Through Industrial Visits

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) prioritizes its 50th anniversary agenda by launching the “TRAKNUS Mengajar” program. An integral initiative of TRAKNUS Cerdas's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative aimed at improving the quality of vocational education in Indonesia, by involving 50 Vocational High Schools (SMK) across the country who also support this program.

In its five decades of journey, TRAKNUS has experienced various industry dynamics. From its long experience, TRAKNUS realizes that the future of the industry lies in a skilled and work-ready young generation. “TRAKNUS Mengajar” is present as a bridge that connects the world of education with industry, creating synergies that are expected to prepare vocational students to face future challenges as a tangible proof of TRAKNUS' commitment in supporting government programs in the world of vocational education in Indonesia.

1. knews edisi w5 mei 2024 traknus sulut semangat pendidikan vokasi melalui kunjungan industri

“TRAKNUS believes that through quality education, Indonesia's young generation can face the future with qualified skills and a tough attitude,” said Deputy Head of Service Personnel Development & Facilities TRAKNUS Endro Setyono.

As the culmination of a series of “TRAKNUS Mengajar” activities on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, TRAKNUS invited 53 teachers and students from 12 vocational schools in Jabodetabek, Riau, Surabaya, and Samarinda to visit the TRAKNUS Training Center. This visit was designed to provide direct and in-depth experience about industrial operations and forklift technology. Participants were not only invited to see various heavy equipment and technology used in the industry, but also to experience the work process directly. Participants received detailed explanations on various technical and operational aspects, including how forklifts work, hydraulic systems, and preventive maintenance procedures. 

Students were able to utilize how the theories they learned in the classroom were applied in the real world, while teachers gained new insights to take back to the classroom to supplement and enrich the teaching curriculum.

2. knews edisi w5 mei 2024 traknus sulut semangat pendidikan vokasi melalui kunjungan industri

“Direct interaction with TRAKNUS professionals who provide a real picture of the skills and attitudes needed by the world of work, so this industrial visit is very valuable insight for students and teachers here about understanding the challenges and opportunities of the industrial world, will definitely make its own motivation to continue learning actively to develop the repertoire of educational knowledge,” said Yuliadi S.T., teacher representative of Riau Technology Oil and Gas Vocational High School.

In this 50th anniversary, TRAKNUS not only celebrates past achievements, but also fosters new hopes and enthusiasm for a brighter future. It is hoped that this industrial visit will provide practical and inspirational experiences. TRAKNUS encourages all parties to jointly support vocational education, because the future of industry and this nation is in the hands of students. With the spirit of TRAKNUS Cerdas, it is expected to continue to contribute in building the nation through superior and sustainable education.

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