02 May 2024 News

TRAKNUS Group Welcomes Easter with Passion and Happiness

Still in order to live the joy of Easter, Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) together with its subsidiary PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara held a joint Easter worship and celebration attended by the Board of Directors, Managerial Board, and all Christian Workers which was held on Friday, April 19, 2024 at the Multipurpose Room, Traktor Nusantara Head Office, Jakarta.

1. knews edisi w1 mei 2024 traknus group sambut paskah dengan semangat dan kebahagiaan

Easter presents a special moment for Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and an opportunity to unite in gratitude and happiness. TRAKNUS Group's Easter Worship and Celebration was led by Father Arkianus Biaf, who was ordained last year and will soon begin his work in Argentina in 2024. Through his sermon, Father emphasized that Easter is an important moment that is interpreted as a new birth and a new spirit, so it is necessary to give full meaning to the "birth" at this Easter. At this moment, a series of religious nuances were carried out, such as preaching the Word and singing hymns, complemented by the distribution of souvenirs in the form of eggs which are believed to be a symbol of new birth which is closely related to Easter. 

TRAKNUS Group's Easter celebration was packed casually and full of jokes, inserted with ice breaking quiz guessing Bible figures to break the ice and test the knowledge of TRAKNUS Group personnel about Bible figures.

2. knews edisi w1 mei 2024 traknus group sambut paskah dengan semangat dan kebahagiaan

On this happy occasion, TRAKNUS President Director Harijadi Mawardi gave a closing statement to mark the end of the Easter agenda, "thank you to the committee who has prepared the event so that we can all hold Easter worship well. It is hoped that we can continue to provide a helping hand, as we have done before with the production of tools that can help build areas on Timor Island, East Nusa Tenggara where Father was born where the land is still a lot of rocks", he concluded.

3. knews edisi w1 mei 2024 traknus group sambut paskah dengan semangat dan kebahagiaan

The joint Easter celebration is concrete evidence of the commitment to strengthen community ties between workers. In the spirit of collaboration and togetherness, this moment is an important moment to reflect on universal values such as kindness, forgiveness, and brotherhood. This Easter service not only strengthens interpersonal relationships, but also builds a solid foundation for achieving common goals in an inclusive and empowered work environment. It is hoped that this spirit of togetherness will continue to inspire TRAKNUS Group personnel to give their best for the company and to create a more dynamic and harmonious work environment in the future.

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