28 July 2022 News

TRAKNUS Genset Training Together With BUMA

Samarinda (18/07), Traktor Nusantara held TRAKNUS Genset Training which was delivered by a Samarinda senior mechanic to PT Bukit Makmur Mandiri Utama (BUMA) as a form of support from TRAKNUS to BUMA.

Previously, PT BUMA purchased more than 150 TRAKNUS Gensets ranging from 20 kVA to 500 kVA capacities. Therefore, as a form of support, TRAKNUS held TRAKNUS Genset Training. This training is conducted on-site in 2 sessions. The first session was held at the IPR site on July 18, 2022, while the second session was held at the Lati site on July 25, 2022. However, Traktor Nusantara has previously conducted online training focused on product knowledge.

Buma 1

The on-site training, attended by the planning, mechanic, and electrical departments, discussed manual operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of generators. These three aspects are essential to learning by all BUMA manpower involved. With this training, it is hoped to increase the knowledge of BUMA's manpower, and it is also hoped that they can do troubleshooting when a unit problem occurs.

Based on a statement from Kevin R, a salesperson of Traktor Nusantara Jakarta who is responsible for BUMA, representing that TRAKNUS as a generator distributor does not only sell products, but in accordance with one of the core values of Traktor Nusantara, Delight Customer, TRAKNUS also maintains good relations with customers by providing good after-sales and education to all customers. Traktor Nusantara also hopes to have the opportunity to visit all BUMA sites to share knowledge in the form of TRAKNUS Genset Training. (PAS)

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