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29 November 2023 News

TRAKNUS Core Value REJUVENATION 2023 "New Spirit of RAPID"

TRAKNUS held RAPID Rejuvenation 2023 Launching at Pullman Bali Legian Beach - Bali on November 15, 2023. Iman Nurcahyo, HCSSEHSGA Deputy Division Head at the opening of the event told a flashback that the company's Core Value was first formed in 2010 which was realized by the role of management and workers at that time. Various challenges faced by the company at this time, including issues regarding industrial revolution, massive digitalization, future of work, and sustainability must be faced and overcome. Positive response and TRAKNUS's efforts to be more adaptive, TRAKNUS initiated the rejuvenation of TRAKNUS Core Value RAPID which consists of RAPID Indicator & Key Behavior, RAPID Logo & Symbol, and Greetings RAPID 2.0 which is packaged with RAPID Handbook in the latest format.

2. knews edisi w5 november 2023 rapid rejuvenation 2023

"We give appreciation to various parties who have supported and succeeded in the implementation of RAPID Rejuvenation, as well as to the predecessors who took part in formulating the RAPID Core Value until it became a company operating value," said David Raka Budi Nurcahya as Director of Marketing, Human Capital & Sustainability when delivering remarks at the launch of the New RAPID Logo.   

New logo

This RAPID Logo & Symbol has a philosophy that is in line with the vision, mission, and goals of TRAKNUS. The five new symbols of Value RAPID symbolize the core values of behavioral guidelines in thinking and acting for all TRAKNUS Group personnel. The use of colors in the logo & symbols has a meaning that is in harmony and reflects each Value RAPID.

Whatsapp image 2023 11 29 at 13.31.47

The RAPID 2.0 greeting "In My Mind, In My Heart, Is My Act!" which is pronounced without pause to show agility, agility, accuracy, and accuracy, is expected to bring a new color that is more representative for all TRAKNUS Group employees in thinking (cognitive), feeling (emotional), and acting (conative).

Whatsapp image 2023 11 29 at 13.47.00

This launch was marked by the signing of a joint commitment in the implementation of RAPID, which began with the inauguration and ratification of the RAPID Handbook by Harijadi Mawardi as President Director, followed by the entire Board of Directors and managerial ranks. Harijadi Mawardi expressed his hope for all managerial staff to commit and contribute and internalize RAPID in their respective work environments, so that the Core Value of RAPID can be carried out and implemented by all TRAKNUS Group personnel.

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