21 March 2024 News

TRAKNUS Banjarmasin Branch Conducts Sumitomo Safety Audit 2024

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) Banjarmasin Branch, one of the selected branches, took part in the Sumitomo Safety Audit 2024 series which was held on March 04, 2024. Sumitomo Corporation is a global company to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all workers to conduct Safety Audits in group businesses. This audit focuses on measuring the effectiveness of the OHS system that has been implemented by TRAKNUS by examining, assessing, and ensuring that the work environment complies with established safety and health standards.
1. knews edisi w4 maret 2024 traknus cabang banjarmasin langsungkan sumitomo safety audit 2024

In this activity Sumitomo Corporation fielded a highly competent audit team in its field, namely Akihisa Sato-san as Assistant to General Manager Construction & Mining System Division Certified Internal Audit Sumitomo Corporation Japan and David Gray as Head of HSE Promotion Office Sumitomo Canada who was directly accompanied by Sustainability, Security, Environment, Health and Safety (SSEHS) Head TRAKNUS Pendi Setyawan. The audit method applied includes Observation (office tour), Document Check, and Sample Interview with key personnel, including mechanics, warehouseman, involving Branch Operational Head (BOH), Service Department Head (SDH), Part Department Head (PDH) and Administration Department Head (ADH) and their staff.

Akihisa Sato-san delivered his comments by praising the Banjarmasin branch, which was considered successful in implementing appeals to workers, monitoring the completeness of the Light Fire Extinguisher (APAR), the availability of First Aid Equipment in Accidents (P3K) which is well monitored. Similarly, the placement of other safety signs such as the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), installation of Safety Notice Board, making Job Safety Analysis (JSA) are well installed and supported by the completeness of K3 related documents.

2. knews edisi w4 maret 2024 traknus cabang banjarmasin langsungkan sumitomo safety audit 2024

David Gray was happy to provide input on areas of improvement that can be made, including the expansion of Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) installation to isolate potentially dangerous equipment, the use of certified tools, marking with symbols or logos on the chemicals used, and increasing the provision of emergency response training.

On the sidelines of the audit closing session, Lintang Bima Sakti Branch Operation Head of Banjarmasin Branch expressed his gratitude to all levels of the SSEHS Department for fully supporting with the best support provided from preparation to the end of the audit implementation, as well as the visit of the Sumitomo Safety Auditor has provided a very valuable experience so that it becomes valuable knowledge with full hope that it will further foster understanding and concern for workers in the Banjarmasin Branch for the importance of occupational safety and health, he added.

Occupational safety and health is an aspect that cannot be ignored in every work environment. An incident of accident or occupational disease not only harms workers physically and mentally, but can also negatively impact the company's productivity and reputation, which is why OHS audits are an important process to support the company's sustainable business. (JOR)

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