31 October 2023 News

Training and Gathering Parts & Service Sales (PSS) 2023

The challenge of uncertainty, especially in facing competition and changing market conditions, encourages the Parts Division to take the initiative to improve the ability to provide customer service and product & service knowledge to Parts & Service Sales (PSS) as the spearhead of product support operations. The Training & Gathering PSS 2023 was attended by 39 Parts & Service Sales (PSS) of the head office and branches as well as Managerial and all Part Division staff with the theme "Enhance PSS Capabilities to Increase Market Share" at Hotel Albero, Caringin, Bogor on October 3-5, 2023.

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Part Division Head, Supriyadi when opening the event said "in line with the theme carried out has a goal, Parts & Service Sales (PSS) can be a partner and consultant for product support for customers, for that it is required to have optimal service management capabilities and have innovative breakthrough solutions to be able to increase market share."

The Training & Gathering Parts & Service Sales 2023 method is carried out in several stages, namely lecturing, interactive discussion and experience learning and then the event is closed with team building. The first stage of competency development was carried out online on September 21, 2023, starting with an explanation from the Department Head entitled Product Support Policy & Strategy, Service Product Knowledge, Activity pre-sales, sales & post-sales, AR Management, not forgetting the 2023 Activity & Strategy update and reviewing the achievement of targets.

The next stage of interactive discussions is carried out offline which is divided into several Group Discussions discussing customer segment cases in an effort to get a business overview and customer prospects in the agro, mining, industrial & construction sectors. Insightful and fun interactive activities, namely post games practiced by 8 groups of participants for the development of Customer focus, Planning & Driving Action competencies. This series of games applies learning for PSS to find out customer problems and desires, communicate with customers as well as planning and organizing processes to execute targets guided directly by the HC Department team.  

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Behavior Competencies experience learning is packed with mentoring sessions followed by story telling Head Application Engineering, Rifyan Faliq sharing the story of his career journey starting from being a mechanic moving to a parts sales person who was once named Best PSS continuing to become a Business Consultant to his current position, added learning in a sari color hospitality session with the BOD which begins by expressing the current condition of TRAKNUS and future planning.

The excitement and excitement was felt to increase for the 2023 Training and Gathering Parts & Service Sales (PSS) participants at the end of the event when doing team building. Hopefully this activity will become a culture for PSS that proactively provides value-added services and solutions for customers to achieve an increase in market share product support, as well as an embodiment of the Core Value pillar Delight Customer behavior guidelines.

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