27 May 2024 News

Strengthening Love with Halal Bihalal with TRAKNUS Group

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) Group again perpetuated the culture of friendship Halal Bihalal TRAKNUS Group 2024 with great fanfare on Monday, April 29, 2024. This activity raised an important theme "Intertwining Harmony Through Gathering for Sustainability" with the aim of creating harmony from the Company with Employees both branches, and Head Office which is built in an atmosphere of friendship for the creation of one common goal, namely sustainability. The lively Halal Bihalal held in a hybrid manner was attended by TRAKNUS Group workers from all levels.

1. knews mempererat jalinan kasih dengan halal bihalal bersama traknus group

In an enthusiastic atmosphere, TRAKNUS Group workers from branches across Indonesia gathered to celebrate the collective spirit, forgive each other, and strengthen the social relationships that have been established, realizing that friendship is the main foundation in fostering a sense of family and continuity in the work environment, and making company sustainability a top priority.

The morning spirit and RAPID greetings opened the Halal Bihalal event hosted by Qurlita Syaharani and Fiscall Saktiyana. The agenda was continued by the chanting of Mars Astra and the national song entitled "Bagimu Negeri". 

Representative of the Mosque Prosperity Council (DKM) Sugiarto Saputro gave a warm speech, inviting all participants to strengthen the relationship between workers, while reminding the importance of implementing the spirit of solidarity at work. Not to forget, Chairman of the Labor Union Agung Nugroho also gave a speech to liven up the event with the hope that the spirit of togetherness will be maintained. The agenda continued with an ice breaking quiz that also entertained the audience, which was very enthusiastically followed by more than 250 participants.

2. knews mempererat jalinan kasih dengan halal bihalal bersama traknus group

President Director of Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) Handi Wibowo, in his remarks expressed the hope that the spirit of non-stop activity will be maintained until the end of the year, lasting until the following years. 

3. knews mempererat jalinan kasih dengan halal bihalal bersama traknus group

The atmosphere was even more peaceful when Ustadz Chairul Anwar Al Pantuni gave tausiyah, sharing an understanding of the importance of Halal Bihalal by emphasizing that this activity does not occur in other countries, but is a typical Indonesian culture with the aim of establishing ties. It also conveyed 4 important components in establishing friendship, namely honesty, istiqomah, responsibility, and sincerity, which are expected to be realized in everyday life, especially towards colleagues in a sustainable manner.

Halal Bihalal TRAKNUS Group is not only a place to meet, but also a momentum to strengthen relationships and the spirit of togetherness in the midst of the busy world of work. 

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