28 May 2024 News

Sharing Knowledge TRAKNUS Contact Center with TRIATRA

Jakarta - PT Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) has just carried out Knowledge Sharing with PT Triatra Sinergia Pratama (Triatra) on April 25, 2024, which took place at Traktor Nusantara. This knowledge-sharing aims to increase synergy and support the creation of value chains between the AHEMCE Group. This activity was attended by Triatra's General Manager Marketing, Albertus Christoforus Muliawan and his staff, UTCall representatives, namely Dwi Winarto and Desy Ery, and TRAKNUS Marketing Communication as the event organizer. This activity is an important strategy that aims to discuss the performance and practices of the TRAKNUS Contact Center (TCC) in the Heavy Equipment industry.

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Sharing knowledge began with remarks by Rendy Pratama as Deputy Division Head of Marketing for Traktor Nusantara. In his speech, he said, "We are happy to warmly welcome Triatra to discuss TCC, it is hoped that this activity will not only provide inspiration and knowledge to Triatra but can also be a starting point for TRAKNUS and Triatra to work together in the future." Then the speech was continued by Albertus Christoforus Muliawan, as General Manager of Marketing Triatra.

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After the speech, the activity continued with the presentation of material regarding the TRAKNUS Contact Center (TCC) by Muhammad Adam Ghafarry as Deputy Department Head of Marketing Communication for Traktor Nusantara. He conveyed various important aspects related to the beginning of TCC's journey to find solutions to be closer to customers. This project carries the theme "Solutions Within Your Hand". TRAKNUS has carried out a transformation in its marketing strategy, focusing on the theme of digital marketing transformation. He also provided insight into the operational flow of the TRAKNUS contact center and the success achieved during the implementation of this contact center.

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The presentation of the material also includes details about the background to the formation of TCC, achievements, and accomplishments in terms of sales units, parts, and services, as well as the latest services, including updated logos and contact numbers. Thus, this presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the TRAKNUS Contact Center, including since its inception, changes, challenges, and plans to maintain the quality of contact center services for all customers.

In an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm, after the presentation was finished the Triatra team began to ask dynamic discussion questions. All activity participants exchanged opinions related to the main discussion, namely TCC. This shows that this activity not only stimulates thinking but also encourages collaboration and exchange of ideas which brings benefits to all parties involved.

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The event ended with a warm moment when souvenirs were handed over as a sign of gratitude for active participation in the discussions held. It is hoped that the results of this knowledge sharing will become an initial milestone for the two companies to become more synergistic in achieving success.

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