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02 August 2022 News

Sharing Knowledge BT Tyro LHE 150 & BT Reflex RRE Reach Truck 160 H with BT Raym...

Jakarta (25/07), PT Traktor Nusantara held the BT Tyro and Reach Truck 160 H Training at the SHN Training Center and was presented directly by the BT Tyro Principle, Mr Vijay Kumarasamy Vijendran.

Training bt 2

The training, which was attended by MHD Division Business Consultants from Traktor Nusantara head office as well as several Traktor Nusantara branches, Parts division, and Service division, consisted of two sessions, in the first session presenting material about BT Tyro and the second session discussing the RRE Reach Truck 160 H. Besides being given material presentations, participants were also allowed to see the operation and try the product firsthand to see the latest advantages of the BT Tyro and RRE Reach Truck 160 H.

Training bt 3 

BT Tyro, especially the LHE 150, is one of the newest hand pallet units in the MHD Traktor Nusantara division. One of the advantages of the BT Tyro LHE 150 is higher productivity and can save costs because it is equipped with an energy-efficient Li-ion battery. With a minimalist design and easy accessibility, the BT Tyro LHE 150 can lift loads up to 1500 kg.

As for the second product delivered in training, namely BT Reflex, specifically the RRE 160 H. BT Reflex RRE 160 H has three different types, namely the R-series type, E-series, and O-series type where these three types have various features, RRE 160 H has a load capacity of 1400 - 2500 kg and is equipped with Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries.

 Training bt 4

The participant's response was also enthusiastic, it is hoped that this training can enrich knowledge and provide solutions for all Traktor Nusantara customers.

For more information about BT Tyro LHE 150 and BT Reflex RRE 160 H, you can directly contact TRAKNUS Contact Center at 1500-072 or submit an inquiry via the link here. (PAS)



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