03 June 2024 News

Service Division Explores Creative Potential for Innovation

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) on the initiative of Agent of Change (AOC) Service Division held a refreshment and socialization entitled innovation at the Jakarta Branch Office on Wednesday, May 08, 2024.  This event was initiated in response to the need to harmonize understanding of innovation and aims to improve understanding and innovation skills for workers in the Service Division.  

1. knews w2 juni 2024 divisi service menggali potensi kreatif ber inovasi

The activity was opened directly by Material Handling Product Support Division Head Ferdinand Widjaja, also attended and followed by Dept Heads and their staff and mechanics. By presenting a qualified speaker who is very experienced in handling innovation nationally at TRAKNUS Muhammad Ibnu Sina. 

This technical refreshment of innovation and technical workshop for writing innovation papers is a vehicle for treating the Service team's unrest regarding the procedures and techniques for writing innovation papers that are still not optimally worked on, even though their spirit of innovation is quite large.

“Innovation can arise from the inefficiency and impracticality of daily activities of great value, not just as a plan or proposal for change, development or discovery with mere business calculations, but there needs to be a proven practice that has been carried out through empirical methods through its stages,” said Ferdinand Widjaja. 

“The scope of innovation can start from small things, but after being practiced and implemented continuously, it can change or identify activities to be faster, better. Of course, it is more valuable both for oneself for workers and can cover the surrounding team both within one and across departments and divisions,” added Ferdinand Widjaja when giving a speech. 

 2. knews w2 juni 2024 divisi service menggali potensi kreatif ber inovasi

Muhammad Ibnu Sina explained and reviewed the technicalities of innovation that can occur and provided a technical workshop on shedding innovation into paper writing. Innovations written in papers do not have to be from the results of inventions created or developed recently, but can also adopt or imitate innovations that have been made and implemented by other workers that can be applied and implemented again or better known as re-implementation. Re-Implementation of Innovations itself is actually very much encouraged, because by applying existing Innovations, adopted throughout the branch or other Department will create a new standard for making a new Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).

Through this event, it is hoped that all Service Division employees can better understand and apply creative innovation in their daily activities, as well as better document innovation. As has been proven by innovators from the Service branch team who made it to the grand final in last year's InnovAstra event.

This agenda emphasizes TRAKNUS's seriousness and makes an important momentum for the Service Division in particular to continue innovating to improve efficiency and service quality. Thus, TRAKNUS for its persistence continues to encourage and support the development of innovation to face the challenges that exist, as well as create added value for the company and all stakeholders. (GIM)

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