30 May 2022 News

Safety Induction for Zero Accident at Work Place

Jakarta - PT Traktor Nusantara aware the safety and health of workers is an important things for companies to make a sustainable business. For this reason, the company is committed to supporting zero accidents in the workplace. Several efforts have been made by Traktor Nusantara in achieving zero accident such as safety induction, safety refreshment, providing a safe workplace and also, make Traknus's work environment as regulated as written on PP No. 50 Tahun 2012.

The company also implements the management of the Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) as stipulated in Government Regulation: Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 50 Tahun 2012 that concerning the Implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Safety Induction is presented to vendors, workers, and guests who are in the company's work area.

Safety induction ke pserta magang

Safety Induction presentation for employees

Several materials presented in the safety induction are, the map of PT Traktor Nusantara's work area, areas containing high risk and low risk, sources of danger, personal protective equipment, emergency contacts, including safety officers who will be assigned to oversee the work process. With this safety induction, PT Traktor Nusantara hopes that workers will be able to understand the dangers of the work they do in the PT Traktor Nusantara’s work area, and they are expected to be able to take steps to prevent and minimize existing hazards, so that the safety induction could reduce the number of work accidents.


Safetu award tn

Safety Award from Sumitomo Corporation

As the company's performance and hard work in managing the Occupational Safety and Health aspects, PT Traktor Nusantara has received the "Safety Award 2021" from Sumitomo Corporation. (PAS)


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