17 January 2024 News

ROAD TO TRAKNUS INNOVATION 2024 "Moving Towards Sustainability Business Resilien...

1. knews edisi w3 januari 2024 road to traknus innovation 2024

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) held the TRAKNUS Innovation 2024 Kick Off online on Friday, January 5, 2024. Along with the tradition of previous years, the TRAKNUS Innovation milestone began with a Kick Off attended by the Board of Directors, Division Heads, Managerial, Branch Operation Head, and Agent of Change (AOC) 2024, with the theme "Business Resilience with Sustainability Responsibility".

"We have believed, lived, and carried out the role of involving ourselves in the innovation process which is an integrated part of all company work programs. It is inseparable from our daily activities and work. Like a two-sided coin that reflects the dynamics of 2023, TRAKNUS Innovation has achieved a high level of enthusiasm, quality, and relevance in bringing innovation to the company's business. Although Paper Productivity has decreased by 1.54% from the previous year to 1.22% in 2023, this needs to be a matter of mutual introspection. With strong determination, TRAKNUS Innovation sets an ambitious target for 2024, which is to increase Paper Productivity by 1.54% and achieve Culture Internalization by 60%, which will be realized through the active contribution of every element of workers who participate in presenting ideas and ideas through paper, "said Director in Charge of Innovation David Raka Budi Nurcahya in giving his speech.

Other valuable advice delivered as provisions and direction in carrying out the role as Agent of Change, including:

  • As an AOC, having the belief that innovation has a very important central role, so that the AOC is expected to be able to guide participants' involvement in the innovation process and provide benefits to the company both financially and business process updates.
  • The AOC is expected to explore potential innovations that are relevant to the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) set by each department or branch, including programs that support sustainability.
  • The AOC is able to sort innovations that have been done by others to be implemented to obtain new standards and is eager to explore the accuracy of calculating Net Quality Income (NQI) and effective preparation methods.

This event is also a vehicle for the inauguration of AOC 2024 proposed by the Division Head and Branch Operation Head in each area. 

2. knews edisi w3 januari 2024 road to traknus innovation 2024

TRAKNUS not only wants to participate but must be able to proclaim to triumph in the InnovAstra 41 event. To launch as a winner, Person in Charge of National Innovation Muhammad Ibnu Sina, outlined the idea of a travel route (Road to InnovAstra 41) in the form of TRAKNUS Innovation 2024 activities.

3. knews edisi w3 januari 2024 road to traknus innovation 2024

With a high spirit of innovation and commitment to achieving the targets set, TRAKNUS Innovation 2024 is expected to be a solid foundation for the company's business sustainability. Daring to create change (freedom of innovation) by exploring new ideas and ways is a reflection of the key behavior of Innovative Solution from the company's core value.

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