09 June 2022 News

Performance Test of the MF2615 Tractor in the BBP Mektan Certification Test

Subang (1/6) – Agriculture and Construction Division (Agcon) of PT Traktor Nusantara and Balai Besar Pengembangan (BPP Mektan) held a Certification test of one of the Agricultural Tractor Units, namely the Massey Ferguson 2615 - 4WD Tractor. The event of this certification is a routine activity on every 3 years to obtain a certificate of eligibility for the unit to be tested, in this case, the MF2615 Tractor unit.

Sertif 1

Disc Plough Implement test on dry land

BBP Mektan in this case the examiner or evaluator carries out the certification process on 2 types of agricultural land, namely wet agricultural land and dry agricultural land. Of course, testing on these types of land has its own goals, and the Evaluator wants to ensure the readiness of the MF 2615 Tractor is good in both fields. Several indicators have been made in the testing process so that later it will determine whether the MF 2615 passes this testing stage or not, these indicators include;

1. Gear Position

2. Engine Rotation

3. Working Capacity

4. Working Width

5. Working Depth

6. Working Speed

7. Wheel Slip

8. Field efficiency

9. Fuel consumption

If based on the results of the evaluation of all scores for each entry indicator and or meet the requirements of the established Indonesian National Standard (SNI), MF 2615 can be categorized as passing the BPP Mektan Feasibility Test.

Sertif 3

One of the Evaluator measuring MF2615's Performance

On that occasion, the MF 2615 Tractor was tested using installed implements to support the implementation of certification. Rotavator, Disk Plow, and Wheel Cage are additional supports in testing MF 2615 on the two types of land previously described.

Sertif 2

Rotavator and Cage Wheels implement test on Wet Land

Appointed to be the main distributor since 1974, PT Traktor Nusantara always supports the entire certification process to ensure customer satisfaction and trust in the company's quality and services, especially in the agricultural sector.

For more information about the Massey Ferguson 2615 - 4WD and also the implementation, please contact TRAKNUS Contact Center at 1500 072 or submit your inquiry via the link here. (CYS)

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