13 December 2022 News

Massey Ferguson Visitation to Traktor Nusantara | Traktor Nusantara

Jakarta (7/12) — Traktor Nusantara together with the Agro, Construction & Crane Division received representatives from Massey Ferguson to carry out a working visit for 2 (two) days, namely on 6 and 7 December 2022 to Jakarta . The agenda for the working visit consisted of visiting several customers, namely PT Prima Anugerah Perfect, Dharma Satya Nusantara Group, and PT KLK Agriservindo, as well as a visit to Area Yard GIIC Traktor Nusantara. Massey Ferguson was represented by Peter Salmon as Business Sales Manager Massey Ferguson Far East and Alex Baker as Senior Manager Sales & Marketing for Massey Ferguson Far East, accompanied by Harijadi Mawardi as Director of Equipment Business, Andrey Buana Rusli as General Manager of Agro, Construction & Crane Traktor Nusantara Head Office, and Rendy Pratama as Product Management 3.

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On the first day of the visit, Massey Ferguson visited several customers directly, including PT Prima Anugerah Perfect, Dharma Satya Nusantara Group, and PT KLK Agriservindo. During a visit to PT Prima Anugerah Perfect, Massey Ferguson and PT Prima Anugerah Perfect discussed the desired Massey Ferguson unit according to their needs, such as a unit that has the function of clearing tall trees. 

The visit then continued to the Dharma Satya Nusantara Group. One of Traktor Nusantara's customers conveyed more and shared about their company's plans for the future and cooperation with Traktor Nusantara, especially in terms of providing Massey Ferguson units. Furthermore, Massey Ferguson paid a visit to PT KLK Agriservindo where the discussion focused on PT KLK Agriservindo's strategy in 2023. 

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The agenda continued with a visit to Area Yard GIIC Traktor Nusantara. This visit aims to allow Massey Ferguson to check the Massey Ferguson units there, such as MF 5710, MF 4708, MF 5709, and so on. Peter Salmon also directly inspected the units that added various types of attachments, such as the Mid Mountain Grader (MMG), disc plough, rotavator, and grabber which were added to the Massey Ferguson unit to support and simplify the work of customers according to their respective businesses. 

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With direct visits to customers and Area Yard Traktor Nusantara, it is hoped that the collaboration between Massey Ferguson and PT Traktor Nusantara will run smoothly and can increase customer satisfaction, as well as become a trusted partner to meet customer business needs.

Interested in Massey Ferguson? Get more information about Massey Ferguson tractors via Traknus Contact Center at 1500 – 072 or WhatsApp at 0815-1106-1974. (IN)

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