20 February 2024 News

Management Visit and Facility Tour of Toyota Industries Corporation

Jakarta – PT Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) together with the Material Handling Division (MHD) have just welcomed a routine visit from representatives from Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) - Japan. On this occasion, TRAKNUS welcomed Yoichiro Yamazaki as Executive Officer and Baharu Kodama as General Manager of Overseas Sales and Marketing TICO. Their presence was warmly welcomed by the BOD and Managerial ranks on Monday, February 5 2023 at the Head Office of PT Traktor Nusantara, Jakarta.

Management visit and facility tour of toyota industries corporation 1

The series of Management Visits and Facility Tours began with a corporate meeting led by Kosuke Tokutomi Vice President Director of TRAKNUS. On this occasion, TRAKNUS provided information directly related to business development and sales of MHD products (Toyota, BT, Raymond). Apart from that, TRAKUS Management conveyed to TICO the dynamics of the forklift and warehouse equipment market in Indonesia.

Management visit and facility tour of toyota industries corporation 2

After the Corporate meeting, the agenda continued with a Facility Tour of the TRAKNUS Head Office area. Yamazaki and Kodama were invited to inspect the Material Handling division work area led by Sri Mahendra, Division Head of MHD. On that occasion, Mahendra explained to Yamazaki that all sales flow from Business Consultants was monitored through an integrated system so that all managerial levels could directly monitor the activities carried out by Business Consultants every day.

Next, the Facility Tour continued to directly inspect the Product Support facilities that support the continuity of the MHD unit sales business. Supriyadi as Part Division Head and Ferdinand Widjaja as Service Division Head respectively led the facility tour. Starting with a visit to the Parts Warehouse, Supriyadi explained the system that was running, especially the allocation of parts for all TRAKNUS branches. Next, Ferdinand led Yamazaki and Kodama directly to the TRAKNUS workshop met with the Team leader, and directly inspected the Mechanical activities at the Jakarta branch of the TRAKNUS workshop.

Management visit and facility tour of toyota industries corporation 5

Before ending the facility tour, Yamazaki and Kodama also visited PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN). Led by Mokhamad Mauludin as Rental Marketing and Business Controller, TICO conducted a direct review of the Yard Material Handling Product and simultaneously discussed SHN's business portfolio, namely Rental, Long Term and Short Term as well as sales of refurbishment units.

TRAKNUS hopes that this management visit can be a good means between TRAKNUS and TICO, especially in developing the Material Handling business. Additionally, through this management visit, TRAKNUS wants to realize one of TRAKNUS's core values, namely Delight Customer, by conveying all information regarding Voice customers as well as direct experience in the field of Material Handling products directly to TICO to create a "Partner In Progress" between TRAKNUS, TICO and all customers (CYS).

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