08 August 2022 News

Inauguration of Traktor Nusantara Workshop and Washing Area

Cikarang (04/08), As a form of progress in improving service and quality, PT Traktor Nusantara inaugurated the Workshop and Washing Area Yard GIIC, Cikarang. This event was attended by the Board of Directors, Managerial, Business Consultants of the Agro and Construction division, and Traktor Nusantara - Swadaya Harapan Nusantara staff.

Pak har pak handi

The event opened with remarks from the Directors of Traktor Nusantara and Swadaya Harapan Nusantara who had the opportunity to attend, Harijadi Mawardi and Handi Wibowo. Through their remarks, Harijadi Mawardi and Handi Wibowo expressed their gratitude and pride for the progress of Traktor Nusantara, which now has a Workshop and Washing Area with more complete and structured facilities in the Cikarang Yard.

Pak andrey

The opening remarks were continued by Andrey Buana Rusli, as General Manager of the Agro and Construction Division of Traktor Nusantara, said that the inauguration of the Workshop and washing area was also expected to increase sales figures, because the facilities built are aimed at maintaining good product quality and improving service to customers.


The main event was held by ribbon-cutting ceremony represented by Harijadi Mawardi and Handi Wibowo. This ceremony is a symbolic form of the inauguration of the Workshop and Washing Area.

Before the festivities of this event closed, all attendees were invited to tour the Workshop to see the new areas and facilities available. Traktor Nusantara hoped that this Workshop and Washing Area will not only be built as an additional facility for the GIIC Cikarang Yard, but also be able to improve unit quality parameters, especially Agcon Products that are ready to be sent to Traktor Nusantara and Swadaya Harapan Nusantara customers in Indonesia. (PAS)

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