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05 March 2024 News

From Jambi To AMDI For InnovAstra 40

InnovAstra is an annual event that serves as a platform for all Astra personnel who have successfully created innovations within the company. InnovAstra is a forum for the realization of appreciation for participants for leading innovations in the Astra Group.  Participants who can take part in this activity are workers who have breakthroughs, brilliant ideas or extraordinary ideas and are able to be implemented which can bring about a renewal or increase in performance that is more effective and efficient, of course, have been selected to represent each Astra subsidiary. Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) is an active participant who always sends its best innovators every year.

1. knews edisi w2 maret 2024 from jambi to amdi for innovastra 40

TRAKNUS Jambi Branch Senior Mechanic Teguh Santoso, developed an innovation project carried out in 2022, armed with expertise with the weight of qualified material resulted in winning 1st place in the TRAKNUS Innovation Convention 2023 competition, the Suggestion System Technic category. 

Because of this, Teguh Santoso was dedicated as a delegate to participate in InnovAstra with the Suggestion System category which is an individual scope innovation category and focuses on process improvement. 

Successfully surpassing the rigors of the initial judging selection in the presentation of the innovation brief, finally this year the TRAKNUS delegation was re-elected after a long period of time as one of the contestants for the InnovAstra-40 final nomination. The grand final event of the Astra Innovation party was held on February 22, 2024 at the Astra Management Development Institute (AMDI) Building, Sunter, Jakarta.

2. knews edisi w2 maret 2024 from jambi to amdi for innovastra 40

On his occasion, Teguh Santoso successfully channeled his bright ideas in front of 6 competent judges on the InnovAstra final stage in 2023, describing the invention of a very useful tool for improving services for customers, especially TRAKNUS Genset products, namely "Eliminating the Risk of Delay in BAST Commissioning Test Work and Trouble Shooting on Genset" until now the tool created has been standardized for use in all branches.

Teguh Santoso's journey in developing this innovation is quite interesting. It began with the Voice of Customer in the Oil and Gas sector, which demanded high standards in the process of commissioning generator tests. Teguh Santoso had difficulty in proving the output of low oil pressure and high-water temperature until he was able to develop the TRAKNUS Genset simulator safety device which was able to increase his productivity in the work of Commissioning the generator test.

Service Business and Customer Support Aditya Herning Purnomo, said "This innovation project has a very beneficial potential to increase efficiency in mechanical work. The successful implementation of this project in one branch can be an excellent foundation for possible reimplementation in all other branches." 

3. knews edisi w2 maret 2024 from jambi to amdi for innovastra 40

Although he has not won the title, Teguh Santoso deserves appreciation for being able to compete with 1.2 million Astra innovators and managed to reach the prestigious position as one of the 16 finalists in the Suggestion System (SS) category.   

Banner knews edisi w2 maret 2024 from jambi to amdi for innovastra 40

The achievement achieved by Teguh Santoso is expected to motivate TRAKNUS personnel to continue to develop creativity to innovate and synergize in finding opportunities to make continuous improvements, propose alternative new ideas to increase the productivity and capability of the company. For the next Innovastra competition, it is time for TRAKNUS Group to dare to win the Champion.

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