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22 March 2024 News

Executive Benchmark TRAKNUS with United Tractors

Executive Management and Learning Center (EMLC) continuously creates excellent development programs focused on leaders. On March 07, 2024, EMLC held The Executive Benchmarking to Digitalization and Differentation (DAD) & Command Center program as an integral part of acvtivity & strategy of digital ecosystem development efforts, which was attended by Talent Leadership Program participants, also attended by Daniel Hermawan as Finance & Administration Director TRAKNUS and Handoko as Marketing & Sales Director SHN as management representatives, taking place at the United Tractors Command Center, Cakung, East Jakarta.

The purpose of developing this digital ecosystem is to facilitate data-based analysis and decision-making. The digital ecosystem allows data collection from various sources, which in turn allows operations to conduct deeper analysis, of course, an integrated database support is needed to make important decisions. That way, TRAKNUS has the ability to optimize strategies, increase efficiency, which has a significant role in answering and responding to market changes more quickly and precisely.

1. knews edisi w5 maret 2024 executive benchmark traknus bersama united tractors

All Benchmark participants were welcomed and received directly by Division Head of DAD Cindy Christian and her staff and the UT Command Center Team which took place in the VIP Ballroom of United Tractors. Cindy Christian emphasized that effective digitalization is not just an organizational complement, feature, or facility that is calculated as an expense, but must be able to become a revenue generator. Every step of digitalization must be considered with its financial impact, how it can increase revenue through the establishment of innovative digital processes, she explained. 

This agenda was followed by a Sharing Session presented by the DAD team by sharing the experience of building a digital ecosystem that has been implemented. Disclosing three Main Campaign Activities, namely Online Marketing with the application of tools to analyze user behavior, Offline Marketing collaborative webinar activities with branches to increase awareness and acquisition, and Collaboration Projects to increase competence and reach customers. With the use of e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, Call Centers and Tele Marketing, after being calculated, it was able to positively strengthen Monthly Active User (MAU). 

2. knews edisi w5 maret 2024 executive benchmark traknus bersama united tractors

The next session of the Command Center Team invited all Office Tour participants to the UT Command Center & UT Call to show the integrated operation dashboard as a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based monitoring tool including its achievements as support for measuring customer service improvement.

Head of EMLC Carmila Sinta Sihombing, explained that Benchmark activities are a manifestation of the Learning Center functioning as a forum for development programs for workers, such as on this occasion collaboration with UT's DAD Division.  Through this Executive Benchmarking Program, participants are expected to benefit from new knowledge on the pillars that have been created and applied by United Tractors. Thus, it is believed that understanding the evolution of the TRAKNUS digital ecosystem will have a significant positive impact on future developments. (APR)

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