08 March 2024 News

EMLC Benchmarking Program TRAKNUS x Astra Digital

Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) establishes silahturahmi and sustainable synergy as a step to strengthen the development of talent development for leaders. The existence of the Executive Management & Learning Center (EMLC) in realizing the strategy & activity that has been launched this year is poured in benchmarking activities with PT Astra Digital Internasional on February 7, 2024 at Altira Business Park Sunter, North Jakarta. The event, which was attended by the Executive Management Development Program (EMDP) 2024, was also attended by TRAKNUS Finance & Administration Director Daniel Hermawan and SHN Marketing & Sales Director Handoko, the theme raised was "Navigating Digital Transformation for Business Resilience".

Head of EMLC Carmila Sinta Sihombing, delivered EMDP 2024 participants directly in this activity, which was warmly and kindly received by Director of Astra Digital Wiwie Yudiantyo and his staff.

1. knews edisi w2 maret 2024 emlc benchmarking program traknus x astra digital

"Digital development in the company in the future will not only focus on certain domains such as IT, but all business areas will feel the shift of business processes towards digital. Therefore, awareness and openness to changes are needed to become a resilient business, so that insight into technology development can be implemented optimally. With the digital transformation, it should be able to encourage opportunities for close cooperation between TRAKNUS and Astra Digital, "said Wiwie Yudiantyo when giving a speech.

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At the core event, all participants received material on Business Process & Technology Innovation, which was explained clearly by the Head of Business Development & Partnership, Zaki Abdurrasyid. Followed by learning about Digital Strategy Initiative, Digital Marketing Management Process, and Marketing Intelligence by Head of Digital Marketing Fajar Adi Pratama, explaining about the company's development efforts by spurring digitalization through exploration and combining technological fluency with industry expertise to create solutions for competitive market dominance, implementing agile processes to accelerate time by optimizing costs and minimizing risks.

33. knews edisi w2 maret 2024 emlc benchmarking program traknus x astra digital

At the end of the event, Daniel Hermawan expressed his gratitude to Astra Digital for the trust and willingness to accept the TRAKNUS team group very openly to share in line with the company's practical culture, hoping that this good cooperation and collaboration will continue in implementing technology for business development and human resources. 

4. knews edisi w2 maret 2024 emlc benchmarking program traknus x astra digital

In closing the series of events, all participants together with Astra Digital Management took pictures and handed over TRAKNUS souvenir plaques followed by Astra Digital tour. This ELMC Benchmarking Program is dedicated to talent leaders in an effort to recognize the potential of the digital ecosystem from the management of Digital Strategy Initiatives, Digital Marketing, and Marketing Intelligence that have been implemented by Astra Digital so that in the future they can take advantage of technology and find new ways to develop business & workers in a long-term strategy.

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