20 May 2024 News

Caring for Humanity in TRAKNUS Blood Donation

TRAKNUS reaffirms dedication in supporting humanity and social responsibility in blood donation activities on Wednesday, May 8, 2024, at the TRAKNUS Head Office.

In order to reach the Golden Age anniversary, Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) organizes blood donation activities as an integral part of TRAKNUS' routine CSR (Cerdas, Sehat, Rindang) program. Blood donation is one of the activities carried out in a real effort to support the availability of blood for those in need.

Through cooperation with a trusted donor organization, the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) East Jakarta, TRAKNUS provides opportunities for workers to participate in this humanitarian action. This blood donation agenda has been carried out for the second time, where on February 12, 2024 it was held as a series of activities to celebrate Traktor Nusantara's 50th Anniversary. Blood donation is regularly scheduled this year for 4 (four) times. TRAKNUS will continue to progress towards the target of 500 blood bags in 2024, as tangible evidence of implementing the theme Bersama Nusantara Untuk Keberlanjutan.

The seriousness of TRAKNUS personnel in participating in blood donation can be seen from the enthusiasm of 84 prospective donors, with a total of 115 blood bags collected. A proof of TRAKNUS's determination to collaborate with workers to continue to participate in fostering a social spirit.

"I as a worker am proud of the beneficial activities organized by TRAKNUS, it is also nice to be able to participate to provide social benefits to others, increasing the social impression of sharing. In addition, this blood donation can also have a positive impact on health," said one of the donors, Raffid Pradana Toempal Pandjaitan.

1. knews edisi w4 mei 2024 peduli kemanusiaan dalam donor darah traknus

This blood donation agenda not only benefits the recipient but also the donor. Reporting from the Ministry of Health, besides being beneficial for others, blood donation can be felt by the body physically and mentally, including minimizing the risk of heart disease, lowering cholesterol levels in the body, reducing stress, reducing negative feelings, and improving emotional well-being.

"The increasing enthusiasm of participants in this blood donation activity is quite encouraging. We hope that more people will participate in the next event, so that the amount of blood collected can provide greater benefits for those in need," said SSEHS Staff Heykal Aldaffa Azizie.

2. knews edisi w4 mei 2024 peduli kemanusiaan dalam donor darah traknus

As a concentration on the fulfillment of a form of concern for humanity, we hope that this success will become the foundation of workers in spreading the spirit of caring for others. 

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