01 April 2020 News

Announcement Regarding The Pandemic Covid-19

Infografis covid19

In the midst of uncertain conditions due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission, PT Traktor Nusantara and PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara are fully committed to support your business.


We are fully committed in maintaining the health of employee, so that we can provide the best service for all customers in Indonesia.

1. Implement a work from home system for some employees, but customer services (spare parts, warehouse and workshop outlets) remains open.
2. For employees who work at the office, employee’s work locations are applied according to their roles and functions.
3. We equip our mechanics, operators and staff with gloves and masks as personal protective equipment, especially work at the customer's location.

We ensure that Business Consultant (BC) and Part & Service Sales (PSS) will contact you to explore your needs during this emergency.

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