24 May 2017 Event

Training Center Of Traktor Nusantara Is Official As LSP-ABI Independent Competen...

Jakarta, 24 May 2017 – PT Traktor Nusantara (Traktor Nusantara) has done the handover of Certificate of License for Independent Competence Assessment Center from the Professional Certification Institute - Heavy Equipment Indonesia (LSP-ABI). The certificate was given directly by Edhie Sarwono as the Chairman of Steering Commitee of LSP-ABI to Nova F.P. Sihombing as Deputy Director of Product Support of Traktor Nusantara.

Therefore, Training Center of Traktor Nusantara currently has become one of 4 Independent Competence Assessment Center under LSP-ABI in Indonesia and has the right to certify both internal company and external party for 4 clusters of competence as follows :

  1. Cluster preventive maintenance of heavy equipment genset
  2. Cluster preventive maintenance of heavy equipment forklift
  3. Cluster operation of heavy equipment forklift (lifting and hauling) up to 15 tons
  4. Cluster operation of heavy equipment forklift (lifting and hauling) above 15 tons

In addition, Traktor Nusantara also has a number of assessors as well as competent experts with LSP-ABI and National Agency for Professional Certification (BNSP) license for heavy equipment genset and forklift. This is one of the company's strategy in the development of mechanic competences to improve the quality of service to customers as a form of implementation of the spirit of Astra’s Catur Dharma. The existence of TUK Mandiri is expected to be able to answer the business challenges in the future where mechanic certification will be the thing that must be fulfilled in heavy equipment business. Through TUK Mandiri, Traktor Nusantara will contribute to provide certification process to customer’s mechanics through unit sales package as an added value to its customers.

For information, LSP-ABI is the BNSP supporting agency which responsible for implementing competency certification for profession in heavy equipment field. LSP-ABI is licensed as a 3rd party certification agency from BNSP on 6 March 2013 with Decree Number Kep.046/BNSP/III/2013 regarding License to LSP-ABI. While BNSP is an independent agency in the form of government based on Act Number 13 Year 2003 regarding Employment. This agency works to ensure the quality of competence and recognition of man power in all sectors of the professional field in Indonesia through the certification process.

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