19 September 2023 Event

PT Traktor Nusantara Builds Stronger Partnership Through Vendor Gathering 2023

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Jakarta (06/09) - PT Traktor Nusantara (Traknus) optimizes working relationships with vendors through the organization of Vendor Gathering 2023 - Accessories & Attachment Category. The event, held for the first time online through the Zoom Platform, carries the ACE theme, which represents three strong commitments: Accelerate, Collaboration, and Excellence. Accelerate describes the agility of vendors and Traknus to be able to improve performance faster in the midst of existing system changes; Collaboration which reflects the company's desire for Traknus and vendors to be able to collaborate actively in order to become a superior, effective and efficient cooperation in the transition era of technological change in the future; and Excellence which reflects the relationship between vendors and Traknus always want to provide the best to customers.

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The activity began with a warm welcome from Daniel Hermawan, as Director of Finance and Administration as well as Director in Charge of Corporate Procurement Function. Daniel Hermawan revealed that this activity is an effort to build engagement and closer cooperation between Traknus and vendors in line with the principles of good corporate governance so that both parties can trust each other and work more professionally. He also emphasized that through this event it is expected to increase credibility and trust between Traknus and vendors to achieve strategic and effective collaboration goals.

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The event initiated by Corporate Procurement (CP) Department involved SSEHS Department, Finance Department, and Marketing Support Importation (MSI) Department to provide information about updates in Traknus environment. Starting with the provision of material by Rezza Ikhwansyah as CP Department Head who explained about due diligence, vendor evaluation, and the latest Local Purchase flow process in line with system changes (SAP S/4 Hana) for unit completeness to vendors. It is intended that vendors fully understand how the procurement flow is carried out by Traknus. Followed by presentation related to Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS) by Pendi Setyawan as SSEHS Department Head who explained about the implementation of management system in Astra Group and LK3 policy applied by Traknus. This aims to provide insight and understanding to vendors about CSMS in order to minimize the risk of work accidents while working in the Traknus Group environment.

After the migration of Traknus Group's operating system data to SAP S/4 Hana a few months ago, there were changes in the process of receiving and collecting vendor payment documents. Anggun Mugiadi as Finance Department Head, explained the process flow of receiving invoice documents to the payment process to vendors, including additional billing documents and email automation from the Finance Department to vendors for bill payment schedules.

Eko Wasito as MSI Department Head, provided material on the procedures for the delivery of goods from vendors to Traknus and administrative rules that must be obeyed by both parties. It was also explained about the application of GR Voucher as a new document within Traknus Group to prevent potential doubly supply by vendors on the same day.

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During the Vendor Gathering, participants participated in discussion forums and interactive games involving questions about Traknus, which were greeted with enthusiasm. With the participation of 101 participants representing 47 vendors, it is expected that this Vendor Gathering will have a positive impact on the company, in accordance with the Core Value "Delight for Customer," which aims to create a positive experience for customers with products, brands and services that suit their needs, interests and desires. (PNS)

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