27 April 2022 Event

PT Traktor Nusantara Public contribution for Himmatun Ayat's orphans

“Respect for Others”
PT Traktor Nusantara Public contribution for Himmatun Ayat's orphans

PT Traktor Nusantara has routine activities during the month of Ramadhan by organizing a donation event for orphans. The donation event took place at the Himmatun Ayat Social Institution (Muslim Association for Orphans & Abandoned Children) located on Jl. Bacang No.45, Rawasari, Cempaka Putih, Central Jakarta on Wednesday (20/4).

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This activity is part of PT Traktor Nusantara's annual CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program which is held every month of Ramadhan to realize the value of "Respect for Others" as one of the core values of PT Traktor Nusantara and is an implementation of Astra's values, namely "Menjadi Milik yang Bermanfaat bagi Bangsa & Negara".

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On that occasion, the Donation event was attended by Rifyan Faliq as Deputy Chair of DKM (Mass Prosperity Council) An Nur of PT Traktor Nusantara, Abdul Afu as Committee for Public Relations Section, and Sugiarto as Committee for Da'wah Section.

The donation event was opened by Rifyan Faliq, then continued by reading a prayer together. Expressions of happiness radiated from the orphans who took part in this event, seen when welcoming the donation event with prayers and also performing Marawis music. Furthermore, the event was continued with the provision of compensation to the orphanage children and ended with a group photo session which ended solemnly.

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PT Traktor Nusantara will continue to strive to increase awareness of those around us. It is hoped that this orphanage donation event will become a benchmark for increasing CSR activities in the future. (RNN)

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