26 June 2023 Event


Jakarta (13/06) – On June 11, 2023, Traktor Nusantara celebrated its 49th anniversary. With the theme "SURE". PASTI stands for Pursuing Agility and Sustainability Through Innovation. On this anniversary, Traktor Nusantara, through the theme it carries, wants to give a message to Traknus people to continue to improve innovation to achieve a sustainable business. The celebration of Traktor Nusantara's 49th Anniversary this year was led by the Head Office located in Jakarta and was held in a hybrid manner with the participation of all Traktor Nusantara branches in Indonesia via media zoom.

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The event was opened by singing Mars ASTRA and Bagimu Negeri. Followed by remarks. The remarks were delivered by Muhammad Mansyur Chair of the Workers' Union and Harijadi Mawardi as President Director of Traktor Nusantara. In the celebration of the 49th TRAKNUS Anniversary, there was also a Sharing Session on Sustainability by David Raka Budi Nurcahya as Director of Marketing, Human Capital, and Sustainability. Followed by the symbolic planting of trees by the Board of Directors, which shows that all Traktor Nusantara directors are committed to running programs related to sustainability.

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On this happy occasion, Traktor Nusantara also gives appreciation to the TRAKNUS people who have been highly dedicated to serving the TRAKNUS Group. The service period awards given range from 10 years of service to 30 years of service. Giving this appreciation is a form of respect for all TRAKNUS personnel who have dedicated themselves and loyally contributed to the common progress of Traktor Nusantara.

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The event continued with awarding of the Best Employee consisting of Best Mechanic A, Best Mechanic B, Best Part & Service Sales, Best Business Consultant, Best Generalist 1, and Best Generalist 2. The selection of the Best Employee was through a long process of stages and involved the managerial ranks. , as well as Division Heads. The Best Employee assessment is carried out carefully until the names of TRAKNUS employees who are entitled to hold the title are selected. Below is a list of title winners 1 to 3 with each title.

Best Mechanic A

1. Novri Zalfadri – Padang.

2. Muhammad Hasanudin – Jayapura.

3. Restu Nugroho – Jayapura.

Best Mechanic B

1. Wiji Priyanto – Head Office.

2. Agus Hariyanto – Medan.

3. Agus Setyo Nugroho – Sampit.

Best Part & Service Sales

1. Pamrih Santoso – Banjarmasin.

2. Agustin Panggabean – Samarinda.

3. Probo Wiratsongko – Semarang.

Best Business Consultants

1. Jupri Simangunsong – Pontianak.

2. Reno Aditya – Samarinda.

3. Dwi Rendrahady – Medan.

Best Generalist 1

1. Jamidah – Banjarmasin.

2. Ike Diana Sartika – Pekanbaru.

3. Dwi Novayanti – Head Office.

Best Generalist 2

1. Mohammad Subiyantoro – Head Office.

2. Andreas Agavetra Agung Nugroho – SHN Jakarta.

3. Davi Zahra Apriko – Head Office.

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The culmination of the Traktor Nusantara Anniversary Series of Events was marked by cutting the tumpeng as a form of gratitude for Traktor Nusantara's increasing age. The procession of cutting the tumpeng was carried out by Harijadi Mawardi the President Director of Traktor Nusantara. Harijadi Mawardi also expressed his pride in Traktor Nusantara's achievements at the age of 49 and wished the company and Traknus people the best in the future.

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As part of the 49th TRAKNUS Anniversary, the company held several competitions to celebrate the company anniversary. All members of the TRAKNUS group can participate in this competition, both those in the Head Office and branches. There are various kinds of competitions starting from Table Tennis, Futsal, Mobile Legends, PES Mobile, TRAKNUS Chef, Instagram Best Photo, Pantun Tiktok Challenge, and also RAPID Video Making. The following is a list of winners in the TRAKNUS Anniversary competition.

PES Mobile

1. Rangga Somanagara – Head Office.

2. Robi Aji – SHN Jakarta.

3. Saeun – Head Office.

Mobile Legends

1. Mother's Prayer

2. Bangyud

3. Sleep Police


1. Aquarium FC

2. Jamet


Table tennis

1. TITIPONG – Head Office.

2. SCOOP – Head Office.

3. Sweet Martabak – Head Office.


1. Gas Stove!!

2. Cho's Cooking.


Pantun Tiktok Challenge

1. Akube

2. Carissanazirah

3. Rickrickee

Instagram Photo Contest

1. Aditdiditacan

2. Wwn_std

3. Rizaledwins

RAPID Videos

R : Semarang

A : HC

P: Padang

I : Samarinda

D : Surabaya

The Most Dedicated : Jambi

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Before the event was closed, Traktor Nusantara was visited by Widjaja Kartika Vice President Commissioner of Traktor Nusantara. And the event was closed with a group photo of the Board of Directors, the Managerial Board, and the Commissioner of Traktor Nusantara.

By becoming 49 years old, Traktor Nusantara is committed to always providing the best service to customers and also continues to be trusted as Partner In Progress from Sabang to Merauke. Happy Birthday Traktor Nusantara!

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