24 January 2022 Event

Kick Off Meeting TRAKNUS Innovation 2022

Kick Off Meeting TRAKNUS Innovation 2022

Jakarta (24/01) PT Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) together with its subsidiary PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara (SHN) started a series of innovation activities this year with the “TRAKNUS Innovation 2022 Kick Off Meeting” event which was fully held virtually. The event which was held by the national PIC Innovation was attended by Agents of Change (AOC), Managerial and General Managers of TRAKNUS – SHN who were fully supported by the Board of Directors.

This Kick Off Meeting again brought the theme of the company that was just socialized at the beginning of the year, namely "Integrating Resources to Embrace Market Leadership". Mr. David Raka as Director of In Charge Innovation opened his remarks by giving his appreciation for the innovation papers collected last year from all employees, active participation of AOC, and encouragement from management. In line with one of the company's sub-themes this year, he invited all participants to carry out operational excellence which is the spirit of innovation. He also gave the view that innovation certainly has a positive influence not only on the efficiency of the company, but also on other stakeholders such as growing customer delight, while also implementing resource efficiency such as saving paper, carbon materials, and so on. This innovation opportunity is a valuable experience, enriching oneself and increasing competence as capital for a career and further achievement.

 Kickoff 24jan


In the next session, the committee introduced the latest composition of the AOC Head Office and Branch Operations for TRAKNUS Innovation 2022. This Kick Off moment was also used to introduce several new categories for TRAKNUS Innovation, namely the separation of the SS category into Technic with Non Technic and the Reimplementation SS - QCP category so that Overall there are 8 categories of innovation as follows:

1. SS – Technic

2. SS – Non Technic

3. QCC – Technic

4. QCC - Non Technic

5. QCP

6. Reimplementation of SS

7. Reimplementation of QCC

8. Reimplementation of QCP

As a national PIC Innovation effort to facilitate the category of reimplementation, through AOC employees will be distributed project materials that have been submitted and verified in 2021. At the media paper submission link via the google form, additional information will be provided to embed the names of innovators and projects that are used as benchmark materials for reimplementation project 

Adc by division1

Adc by branch office 

After the information presentation session, Pak Harijadi also gave encouragement and tips for BOH and AOC at the branch to be able to align strategies, KPIs, and innovation projects. BOH and AOC are invited to involve branch department heads in registering innovation projects that support KPIs in their respective branches so that there is alignment with the company's direction.

Throughout 2022, there will be 3 stages of collecting innovation papers in early April, July, and September. As for the nearest schedule, TRAKNUS – SHN employees will be facilitated by AOC in each division and branch to register project themes whose papers will be submitted in the 3 stages of paper collection mentioned above.

Immediately contact AOC in their respective areas to find out more information regarding TRAKNUS Innovation 2022 activities including the rewards that have been prepared. (MIS)

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