07 March 2023 Event

I-SHARE 2023: Knowledge & Experience Sharing of Innovation Project from The Inno...

Jakarta (03/03) – TRAKNUS Group is holding an Innovation Sharing Experience (I-SHARE) 2023 activity intending to share insights and inspiration on best case practices for various innovation projects from innovators to all employees. This activity was held on Friday, 3 March 2023 in the form of a live talk show which was broadcast live from the BOD 2 Meeting Room - PT Traktor Nusantara Head Office and participants online via Microsoft Teams.

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The I-SHARE 2023 activity took place at 09.00-11.15 WIB which was opened with remarks from Mr David Raka the Director In Charge of Innovation. The activity was attended by 3 resource persons who represented the Company at the InnovAstra 39 event and were also representatives of the champions at the 2022 TRAKNUS Innovation Convention.

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The first speaker was Bachtiar Yusuf who won 2nd place in the SS Technic Convention with the topic "Realizing Theory with Execution so that Customers are Happy". Then the talk show continued with the second guest speaker, namely Afif Fahmi who was also the 1st winner of the QCC Non-Technic Convention with the topic "Accelerate Picking Before Packing to Support KPI Outgoing". Then the talk show was closed with the third guest speaker, namely Muhammad Adam Ghafarry the 1st winner of the QCP Convention with the topic "Solutions in the Hand to Make Customers and Companies Comfortable" who was submitted to InnovAstra 39 as a representative of the Value Chain Innovation (VCI) category with United Tractors.

Before closing the event, I-SHARE 2023 was closed by launching the "TRAKNUS Digital Creation" program which was initiated by the Marketing Communication team in collaboration with the Innovation team. This program invites TRAKNUS personnel to participate in enriching digital marketing content from innovation projects or content that has Unique Selling Points. Such digital content can be sent via https://bit.ly/TraknusDigitalCreation.

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The I-SHARE activity was attended by TRAKNUS Group members, both at the Jakarta Head Office and at branches throughout Indonesia with a total of 239 participants. For friends of innovation who haven't had the opportunity to watch live, you can watch the recording via the following link https://bit.ly/NontonRekaman_I-SHARE2023.

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The company periodically shares insights and knowledge related to innovation through various media (I-COMIC, I-MARK, I-NSIGHT, I-PAPER, I-SHARE, and I-STORE) to increase knowledge and foster a culture of innovation.

The Innovation Sharing Experience (I-SHARE) is expected to raise the enthusiasm of TRAKNUS Group personnel to continue to innovate. So, don't forget to submit Submission Phase 1 for TRAKNUS Innovation 2023 and TRAKNUS Digital Creation on March 6 – 15 2023. Let's make your creative and innovative ideas come true! (RKA)

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