28 July 2023 Event

Developing the Competence of Vocational School Teachers and Students, Traktor Nu...

PT Traktor Nusantara continues to be consistent in carrying out programs to improve the quality of education to create young people who are ready to work, independent, and have character through the TRAKNUS Teaching program which is one of the flagship TRAKNUS Smart programs.

The TRAKNUS Teaching program is a series of programs that include kick-off programs, focus group discussions, curriculum development, and learning processes for teachers and students in schools that are TRAKNUS partners.

Kembangkan kompetensi guru dan siswa smk traktor nusantara 1

The TRAKNUS Teaching kick-off will be held on Thursday, July 20, 2023. This program involves several departments/functions in TRAKNUS including SBCS, SPDF, SSEHS, and ISO. In his remarks, Iman Nurcahyo Human Capital, Sustainability, Security, EHS & General Affairs Division Deputy Head said: "We hope this activity can accelerate and increase knowledge for teachers and vocational school students so that when they graduate they can quickly adapt to the industrial world”. The remarks were continued by Pendi Setyawan the Sustainability, Security, Environment, Health, and Safety Department Head who gave a message that the good collaboration that had been established could benefit both the school and Traktor Nusantara in the future.

The kick-off of TRAKNUS Teaching in 2023 was also attended by a team from the Directorate of Partnership and Alignment of the Business World and the Industrial World more popularly known as the Mitras DUDI Directorate under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. The DUDI Mitras Directorate is an organizational unit of the Directorate General of Vocational Education in the field of partnerships and alignment of the business world and the industrial world.

In his remarks, Yoggi Herdani as the Coordinator of the Partnership Working Group said that the TRAKNUS Teaching program is a form of synergistic collaboration between the units of the Vocational Education World and the Industrial World, so it is hoped that this can provide progress for the Education world and align market needs in the Industrial world.

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TRAKNUS Teaching 2023 is attended by 5 schools, here is the list:

• SMKN 1 Bekasi

• SMKN 14 Bekasi

• SMKN 2 Jember

• SMKS Bina Karya Mandiri Bekasi

• SMK PGRI 1 Gresik.

The TRAKNUS Teaching process will be carried out in 3 stages and will take place from 20 July to 31 August 2023. The material that TRAKNUS will teach is related to Excavators including the following:

Kembangkan kompetensi guru dan siswa smk traktor nusantara 3

The first is material on the Basic Mini-Excavator Kubota, which explains the basics and introduces the Kubota Mini-Excavator product. Then material about the Kubota Mini-Excavator Hydraulic System, which explains the Hydraulic work system on the heavy equipment. The last is material regarding Preventive Maintenance which explains the procedures for product maintenance by applicable operational standards and also contains work safety material when carrying out Preventive Maintenance (SSEHS).

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