26 September 2023 Article

Kubota: Plantation and Construction Solution

Kubota has been a trusted partner for professionals and businesses in the plantation and construction industries for over a century. It has consistently showcased its dedication to producing top-tier machinery tailored for both fields.

Every piece of equipment crafted under the Kubota name echoes their commitment to quality, innovation, and user-centric design. 

Kubota remains the go-to choice for businesses and professionals seeking solutions that promise efficiency, durability, and unmatched performance. 

About Kubota

Kubota, established in 1890, has grown into a global powerhouse that addresses challenges in food, water, and the environment. Their journey began with a singular vision: to enhance our future by providing innovative solutions.

This vision has driven their diverse range of products, from agricultural machinery to water solutions. Kubota's mission is not just about manufacturing but also about understanding the deeper needs of society and crafting solutions that make a difference.

Each year, they've adapted, evolved, and expanded their reach, always keeping their core values at the forefront. Their unwavering commitment to bettering our world makes them a trusted name across continents.

Various Usages of Kubota's Products

Various usages of kubota s products

Kubota's product range is vast, catering to multiple sectors. One of the most significant areas they serve is the plantation sector, where their machinery plays a critical role.

1. Plantations


As the backbone of many economic activities, plantations require efficient and reliable machinery. Understanding the agricultural sector's intricacies, Kubota has developed a range of products tailored to meet the unique needs of rice and dry field farming.

  • Advanced Machinery for Farming

Kubota's commitment to agriculture shines brightly in its advanced machinery lineup as the brand recognizes the importance of rice as a staple food for a significant portion of the world's population.

They've developed machinery from the heart of rice cultivation technology. Their equipment is designed to ensure that rice farming is productive and sustainable.

  • Support Dry-Field Farming

With changing global climates and the increasing importance of crop diversification, dry-field farming is more crucial than ever. 

Kubota's high horsepower tractors are a testament to their passion for agriculture. 

These tractors, designed with the latest technology, ensure farmers can cultivate their lands efficiently, maximizing yields and ensuring food security.

  • Kubota Smart Agriculture

Kubota's Smart Agriculture initiative is a step toward harnessing the power of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It integrates automation and precision farming techniques. 

Farmers can now achieve better productivity through data-driven methods, ensuring that every square inch of their land is utilized to its maximum potential. 

This feature increases yields and ensures that resources like water are used judiciously.

2. Constructions


The construction projects are becoming more complex and demanding. With its deep understanding of these challenges, Kubota offers machinery that matches the task.

  • Construction Machinery

Kubota's construction machinery, especially their mini excavators and wheel loaders, have become indispensable tools on construction sites. Designed for precision, durability, and efficiency, these machines ensure that every construction project progresses smoothly.

Their compact design, coupled with powerful performance, ensures that work doesn't come to a halt even in tight spaces. Kubota's commitment to quality and innovation in construction machinery ensures that professionals can rely on them to deliver project after project.

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Best Highly Recommended Kubota Products

Best highly recommended kubota products

Kubota's dedication to excellence is evident in their product lineup, especially when it comes to their mini excavators, designed to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry.

1. Mini Excavator U50-5S (5 Ton Class)

Mini excavator u50 5s 5 ton class

The Kubota U50-5S mini excavator is a marvel in construction machinery, designed to bring unparalleled efficiency and power to every project. Falling under the 5-ton class, this excavator blends Kubota's engineering expertise and a deep understanding of the construction industry's needs.

At its core, the U50-5S is powered by a robust Kubota engine, delivering a commendable 38.6 HP. It ensures that the machine can easily tackle even the most challenging tasks. Its operating weight stands at 4790 kg, a testament to its sturdy build and capability to handle heavy-duty operations.

One of the standout features of the U50-5S is its remarkable digging depth of 3560 mm. This feature ensures that excavation tasks are carried out precisely in urban construction sites or expansive landscapes.

The machine's zero-tail swing design is another highlight, allowing it to operate efficiently in tight spaces without compromising its range of motion.

For operators, the U50-5S promises a comfortable and informed experience. The spacious operator room ensures comfort during long hours, while the digital panel provides real-time data, from machine health to operational metrics. It enhances the machine's efficiency and ensures timely interventions if required.

Lastly, safety is paramount in construction, and the U50-5S is designed with this in mind. Its design offers operators excellent all-around visibility, ensuring a clear view of their surroundings, minimizing risks, and enhancing precision during tasks.

2. Mini Excavator U30-6 (3 Ton Class)

Mini excavator u30 6 3 ton class

The Kubota U30-6S mini excavator is a prime example of Kubota's commitment to blending power, efficiency, and adaptability in their machinery. This excavator is tailored for projects that demand agility, precision, and robust performance.

Driven by the Kubota direct injection engine, the U30-6S delivers a solid 27.5 HP, ensuring it can easily handle many tasks. Its operating weight is 3195 kg, showcasing its robust build, designed for longevity and consistent performance.

A notable feature of the U30-6S is its impressive digging depth of 2820mm, ensuring precision in excavation tasks across various terrains. The excavator also has load-sensing hydraulics, optimizing performance while ensuring fuel efficiency.

The auto idle system is another innovative feature, automatically reducing engine RPM when the machine is idle, leading to significant fuel savings. For operators, the U30-6S offers a user-friendly experience.

The digital panel provides real-time insights, from machine health to operational metrics, ensuring informed and efficient operations. The cabin design emphasizes comfort, with ample space and air conditioning, ensuring operators can work for extended periods without fatigue.

Finally, the U30-6S is designed with maintenance in mind. Easy access points and a user-friendly design ensure that routine checks and maintenance tasks are straightforward, thus rducing downtime.

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Why You Should Buy Kubota at Traktor Nusantara

Why you should buy kubota at traktor nusantara

When considering the purchase of heavy equipment, the distributor's reputation and service offerings are as crucial as the product. Traktor Nusantara (TRAKNUS) stands out as a leading heavy equipment distributor in Indonesia, catering to the diverse needs of the industrial, agricultural, power generation, and construction sectors.

Beyond offering world-class products from brands like Kubota, TRAKNUS is committed to post-purchase support. Our Service Division is comprehensive, beginning with a thorough Pre-Delivery Inspection to ensure that every unit is in optimal condition before reaching the customer.

Once the equipment is in the field, TRAKNUS offers both Operator and Mechanic Field Guidance Training, ensuring that users can maximize the potential of their machinery. 

Free Inspection and Periodical Maintenance services are available, ensuring the longevity and consistent performance of the equipment.

Traknus offers Overhaul and Recondition services for more extensive needs, handled by certified competent mechanics. These mechanics are available round the clock, ready to provide on-site and emergency services whenever required.

One of TRAKNUS's standout service offerings is the "TRS" – Traknus Rapid Service. This integrated CRM, SAP, and Mobile application system ensures that customers receive timely service, with guarantees like On Time On Site (OTOS) and On Time Solution (OTIS).

Are you eager to explore Kubota's cutting-edge machinery with Traknus? Visit Traknus Kubota Construction products to view the complete specifications of each Mini Excavator. Dial 1500-072 or message us on Whatsapp at +62815-1106-1974 to learn more and ask for tailored solutions. Your next step in machinery excellence is just a call or message away.

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