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31 May 2023 Article

Kubota U30-6 Specifications and Best Features

In compact construction machinery, the Kubota U30-6 Mini Excavator has firmly established itself as a superior choice. Known for its compact design, impressive power, and flexible operation, this model meets the diverse needs of construction, agricultural, and landscaping professionals worldwide.

At the heart of its success lies a unique combination of robust specifications and advanced features that enhance performance, safety, and efficiency. The Kubota U30-6 represents a continuation of the pioneering spirit that defines the Kubota Corporation, integrating innovative technology to cater to the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

Brief History of Kubota

Kubota Corporation is a multinational manufacturing company that hails from Osaka, Japan. Founded by Gonshiro Kubota in 1890, the company has been at the forefront of industrial and technological innovation, primarily in the machinery field. This organization has thrived for over a century, signifying the authenticity and reliability of its products.

Kubota Corporation has always been dedicated to diversifying its product portfolio. The company began by producing cast metal products and gradually expanded its manufacturing line to include agricultural machinery, vending machines, engines, and construction equipment.

The drive to innovate is a salient characteristic of Kubota, which has propelled its growth over the years. In the 1970s, Kubota began expanding globally, starting with establishing an affiliate in the United States.

Over time, Kubota has successfully expanded its influence across multiple continents. The widespread presence of Kubota globally demonstrates its products' broad applicability and flexibility. Moreover, this extensive reach reflects the company's dedication to delivering tailored solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of various markets and customer segments.

Among its array of machinery, Kubota's Mini Excavator series stands out. It is particularly the U30-6 model that exemplifies the brand's commitment to performance, efficiency, and versatility.

This product line demonstrates how Kubota incorporates technological advancements into its machinery to address the evolving demands in the construction, agriculture, and landscaping sectors.

Specifications of Kubota U30-6

Kubota u30 6 specifications

Kubota U30-6 Mini Excavator represents the culmination of over a century's worth of manufacturing expertise. It is designed to be powerful yet flexible, compact yet capable. The following detailed specifications reflect its sophisticated design:

  • Bucket Capacity of 0.10 m2

The bucket capacity of 0.10 m2 is a significant factor in determining the volume of material the machine can handle per cycle. This capacity suits various small to medium-scale excavation projects.

  • Bucked Width (With/Without Side Teeth) of 570/520 mm

The adjustable bucket width of 570 mm (with side teeth) and 520 mm (without side teeth) allows the machine to perform different tasks with varying precision levels.

  • Unit Weight (Rubber/Steel Crawler)

The unit weight of the excavator varies depending on the type of crawler (rubber/steel) used. This variation provides options to the operators based on the terrain and load-bearing requirements of the tasks at hand.

  • Engine Capacity of 1647 cc

The machine's engine capacity ensures the excavator has enough power to handle demanding tasks while maintaining steady performance.

  • Maximum Digging Height of 4250 mm

The maximum digging height of 4250 mm is significant as it determines the machine's reach. This reach allows it to load dump trucks and build high walls.

  • Maximum Dumping Height of 2865 mm

This height allows the excavator to unload materials in various situations, including those involving high-sided vehicles.

  • Maximum Digging Depth of 2820 mm

The machine provides a maximum digging depth of 2820 mm, which is enough for most trenching and excavation tasks, making the machine highly versatile.

  • Vertical Digging Depth of 2290 mm

This specification is crucial for tasks like pipe laying and foundation building.

  • Boom Swing (Left/Right) of 70/48 Degree

The boom swing of 70 degrees to the left and 48 degrees to the right allows the operator to move the boom without moving the machine. This ability enhances the machine's maneuverability, especially in confined spaces.

  • Track Type: Rubber/Steel

The track type can be either rubber or steel. The choice depends on the nature of the terrain. Rubber tracks are quieter and cause less damage to delicate surfaces, while steel tracks offer better durability and traction in rugged terrains.

  • Track Width of 300 mm

The track width of 300 mm contributes to the stability of the machine. A broader track disperses the machine's weight more evenly, reducing the pressure exerted on the ground and enhancing stability.

  • Whole Track Length of 2100 mm

The whole track length affects the machine's stability and mobility. Longer tracks increase the machine's stability, especially when lifting heavy loads or operating on uneven terrains.

  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 46 L

The fuel tank capacity is 46 L, allowing the machine to work for extended periods without frequent refueling. This specification reduces downtime and enhances productivity.

Features of Kubota U30-6

Kubota u30 6 features

The Kubota U30-6 Mini Excavator is not just about powerful specifications but also innovative features that redefine performance, safety, and user comfort. These advanced features represent Kubota's dedication to enhancing user experience, optimizing work efficiency, and ensuring operational safety.

  • Two Types of Handle Operating Systems

Firstly, Kubota U30-6 boasts two types of handle operating systems. The dual system offers the flexibility to select the control method most suitable to the operator's comfort and the task at hand. 

This thoughtful provision ensures ease of operation, reduces operator fatigue, and enhances work productivity. The operator can switch between the systems, depending on the complexity of the task, ensuring precision and control, ultimately leading to better project outcomes.

  • Equipped with Zero-Tail Swing and Boom Swing

Next is the incorporation of Zero-Tail Swing and Boom Swing, which are outstanding for maneuverability, especially in tight spaces. The Zero-Tail Swing ensures that while the machine's house rotates, it doesn't extend beyond the width of the tracks, significantly reducing the chance of accidental impact with surrounding objects.

This is particularly beneficial when working in confined spaces. The Boom Swing feature adds another layer of versatility. The ability for the boom to swing left or right allows the operator to undertake offset digging without repositioning the entire machine, enhancing productivity and efficiency in limited space conditions.

  • Advanced Three-Pump Hydraulic System

The advanced three-pump hydraulic system further accentuates the machine's performance. This system divides the hydraulic power generated by the engine into three parts, operating the boom, arm, and swivel independently.

This independent operation means that the machine can perform several tasks simultaneously without losing power or efficiency in any single operation. As a result, the work gets completed faster, leading to increased productivity.

  • Switch Travel-2 Speed

The Kubota U30-6 is also designed with a Switch Travel-2 Speed feature. This provision allows the operator to adjust the machine's speed as per the requirements of the task.

For instance, one could opt for a higher speed for moving across the site and a lower, more controlled speed for precision tasks such as digging or grading. The ability to adapt speed enhances the machine's operational efficiency.

  • Two Types of International Standard Canopy

Another significant aspect is the two types of international standard canopies. These canopies are designed to shield the operator from harsh weather conditions and protect against falling debris. 

The canopies adhere to international safety standards, reinforcing Kubota's commitment to operator safety. The dual options cater to various operator preferences and job requirements, ensuring operator comfort without compromising safety.

  • Motor Swivel with Disc Brake

The motor swivel with a disc brake provides optimal control and safety during machine operation. The brakes facilitate smooth and controlled movement, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing the machine's operational efficiency.

  • Motor Travel with Disc Brake

Equipped with a disc brake, the motor ensures maximum control and safety while operating the machine. The braking system enables seamless and regulated motion, minimizing the chances of mishaps and improving the overall efficiency of the machine's performance.

  • Smart Digital Panel with Machine Operation Recording

One of the most advanced features of the Kubota U30-6 is the smart digital panel with machine operation recording. This digital panel provides real-time information about the machine's operational status, warning alerts, maintenance reminders, etc.

The recording feature also allows the user to track operation history, assisting in planning efficient operation schedules, maintenance routines, and managing fuel efficiency. This level of monitoring and management can lead to prolonged machine life, enhanced performance, and cost savings.

  • Auto-Idling System for More Efficient Fuel Usage 

Lastly, the auto idling system is a standout feature for contributing to fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability. When the controls aren't used for a specific period, the system automatically reduces the engine speed, saving fuel.

Once the controls are engaged again, the engine speed instantly returns to the preset level. This smart fuel management system ensures less wastage, reduced operating costs, and lower emissions, aligning with the global push towards sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

The Kubota U30-6 Mini Excavator is a remarkable blend of power, flexibility, and efficiency, made possible by its unique specifications and innovative features. It is a manifestation of Kubota's commitment to continually refine and advance its machinery to meet the changing needs of various industries.

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Whether you're engaged in construction, agriculture, or landscaping, this compact yet capable machine is engineered to provide an optimal balance between power and flexibility, meeting the high expectations set by the rich history of the Kubota Corporation.

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