04 June 2024 Article

Tips for Maintaining UPS System Room and Power Generator Safety

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is essential equipment to support companies’ daily business activities. Thanks to UPS, companies can continue their business activities when there is a power outage. This equipment helps computers and other essential equipment stay on until the power generator is on. 

However, having a UPS is also risky. Many offices and companies have experienced fires due to UPS short circuits. Thus, companies must maintain the safety of the UPS battery room. 

Tips for Improving UPS System Space Security 

A short circuit condition in a UPS can cause a fire. Short circuit in this equipment occurs due to several things, for example, loose cable connections, inappropriate room temperature, and inadequate ventilation in the UPS battery room. 

Companies can minimize the risk of fire hazards from the UPS through several strategies. What are these strategies? Here are some tips for improving the safety of the UPS battery room and its contents. 

1. Carry Out Proper UPS Battery Room Maintenance 

Companies must regularly maintain their UPS battery room to improve its safety. They can conduct this maintenance by checking the cable connections in the uninterruptible power supply and the battery room. 

In addition, they also check for corrosion, ensure the room temperature is not too high, and check for other safety issues that could increase the danger of fire. Moreover, they must charge the UPS battery and use it according to procedures. 

2. Prepare for Fire Disaster Mitigation 

Fire disaster mitigation preparations can prevent the fire from the UPS from spreading to a wider area and causing casualties. Consequently, companies can minimize financial losses and casualties. They can do several things in preparing for fire disaster mitigation. 

  • Attach posters containing the steps to do when a fire occurs and steps to extinguish the fire. 
  • Provide fire extinguishers around the UPS battery room and install fire alarms. 
  • Mark the UPS battery room as a room with a fire hazard. Therefore, employees do not do things around this room that could cause a fire, for example lighting a cigarette. 
  • Attach a poster with emergency contacts.
  • Make fire evacuation route signs. 

3. Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

2 tips menjaga ruang sistem ups dan keamanan genset

Providing PPE is also essential in maintaining the safety of the UPS battery room. Some PPE items that must be available around the room are masks, gloves, glasses, and special clothing. By putting on PPE items, technicians can carry out UPS maintenance safely. 

4. Training 

Companies must train their employees to deal with fire disasters, for example, training in using fire extinguishers and saving themselves during a fire. Companies must give the training periodically so employees won’t forget about it. 

Best Power Generator Recommendation

3 tips menjaga ruang sistem ups dan keamanan genset 

Apart from increasing the safety of the UPS battery room, companies can also minimize the risk of fire by using a high-quality power generator with excellent safety features. You can easily find this power generator at TRAKNUS. 

We offer open-type and silent-type power generators with various capacities. Below are several recommendations for the best and safest power generators

  • TRAKNUS Big Series Power Generators: This generator is suitable for large industries that require large electricity supplies, such as Data Center businesses, Cold Storage and mining. This generator is available in sizes 800 - 2500 KVA.
  • TRAKNUS Medium Series Power Generators: Our medium series power generators are also Perkins Generators with a Stamford model alternator. The medium power generators are available in 250 to 650 KVA capacities. 
  • TRAKNUS Small Series Power Generators: Small Series Power Generators are suitable for small companies or offices. They are from Perkins and available in many choices ranging from 10 KVA to 200 KVA. 

The combination of maintaining the safety of the uninterruptible power supply battery room and the best generator can reduce the risk of fire originating from UPS and power generator short circuits. Please visit Traknus Contact Center to get high-quality power generators with excellent safety features.

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