04 June 2024 Article

Tips for Minimizing Accidents in a Narrow Warehouse

Research shows that many work-related accidents occur in the warehouse area. In addition, accidents in the warehouse area also result in serious injuries. The risk of accidents is higher if the warehouse is small. Fortunately, the 3 wheel forklift is suitable for small warehouses. 

However, using this forklift alone is insufficient to reduce the risk of work-related accidents in the warehouse. Companies must take several preventive actions to prevent these accidents. 

Tips for Reducing Work-Related Accidents in Small Warehouses 

There are several causes of work-related accidents in warehouses. Some of these are errors in operating the forklift, mistakes in storing and arranging goods, and incorrect manual handling techniques. 

Companies and warehouse operators can use the tips below to prevent those accidents. 

1. Safety Driving 

Safety driving can prevent accidents caused by faulty forklift operation. Therefore, companies need to provide adequate forklift operation training for warehouse operators. Moreover, companies must increase operators’ awareness of the importance of safe driving.

Therefore, they will be more considerate when operating a forklift. Below are several safety-driving tips for warehouse operators. 

  • Check the forklift before use. On an electric forklift, operators must remember to check the battery.
  • Transport goods according to the forklift capacity. 
  • Reduce forklift speed on curves, slippery or uneven areas, and areas with many pedestrians. 
  • Keep a minimum distance of 3 meters from other forklifts or pedestrians. 
  • Carry out the process of lifting and storing goods according to safety procedures. 
  • Use the forklift only for carrying loads.

2. Improve the Warehouse Safety Management System 

2 tips meminimalisir risiko kecelakaan pada warehouse sempit

Improving the warehouse safety management system can also prevent accidents from happening. A good warehouse safety management system involves many essential points. Here are some of them. 

  • Fire Prevention: Examples of prevention that companies must do are placing fire extinguishers in vulnerable areas, setting up fire prevention instructions, and installing emergency contacts.
  • Exit Doors: A warehouse must have 2 exits at a distance. One of these doors is an emergency door used when there is a fire. 
  • First Aid Kit: A warehouse must have an adequate first-aid kit to treat injured forklift operators or employees. 

3. Use Ideal Forklifts that Have Many Safety Features 

Using an ideal forklift plays an essential role in preventing work-related accidents. Companies must consider several factors, such as the warehouse area and the forklift features when purchasing an ideal forklift. 

One of the must-have features is the SAS, which is excellent for maintaining stability. In addition, the forklift must also have SEnS+ features, which can reduce the risk of accidents. This technology can detect objects and pedestrians and automatically reduce the speed to create a distance. 

Recommended 3 Wheel Forklift for Small Warehouses 

3 tips meminimalisir risiko kecelakaan pada warehouse sempit

You can find those features on the Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series. This electric forklift is available in our stores. The 8FBE forklift does not only have SAS and SEnS+ features but also many other superb features. 

One of them is its compact dimensions. Therefore, it is suitable for small warehouses. Moreover, this forklift is also waterproof. In consequence, it is safe to use outdoors. This equipment has a big battery capacity. In addition, operators can replace the forklift battery easily. 

Therefore, they can minimize the charging downtime and use the forklift longer. The Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series has many safety features, such as automatic fork leveling control, turn speed control, and travel speed control.  Having 3 Wheel Forklift 8FBE Series can significantly reduce work-related accidents in warehouses. This forklift capacity is between 1 and 2 tons. It is also easy to operate. You can contact us via Traknus Contact Center if you want to own a Toyota Forklift 8FBE Series.

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