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09 July 2024 Article

The Use of Boom Lifts in Various Industries, Types, and Recommendations

When working at heights, boom lifts are the right machinery to use. This machinery provides elevated access to workers. Moreover, boom lifts are efficient and safe to use. Businesses from various industries can get this machinery from a trusted boom lift distributor to ensure its safety and efficiency.

Boom lifts are available in several types. Therefore, business owners must also ensure that the boom lift they purchase can meet their business needs. Consequently, they can use this equipment effectively and efficiently.

Who Needs to Have Boom Lifts and How They Use Them?

Boom lifts are a useful machinery that can improve productivity. However, only particular industries require this machinery. A boom lift owned by the right industries will give its owners many benefits. For example, it allows them to perform industrial tasks effectively and to save costs.

Below are several industries that must have boom lifts.

1. Construction Industry

One of the industries that get the most benefits from boom lifts is the construction industry. This machinery helps construction workers perform various construction tasks at elevated areas.

2. Telecommunications and Utility Industries

Telecommunications and utility industries need this equipment to install, repair, and maintain utility poles, power cables, and telecommunication cables. These industries generally attach a boom lift on a special truck for easy movement.

3. Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance is essential in ensuring the functionality and longevity of various facilities. Using a boom lift allows maintenance workers to conduct various maintenance tasks, such as installing lighting fixtures, cleaning windows, and repairing roofs.

Types of Boom Lifts 

Artikel traknus jlg boom lift 2

Boom lifts are available in two choices, i.e., the telescopic & articulating boom lift. What makes these two boom lifts different?

1. Telescopic Boom Lifts

Telescopic boom lifts have an extendable straight arm that can reach varying heights. Some telescopic boom lifts have a max lift height of 64 m and a weight capacity of over 400 kg. Therefore, its bucket can easily carry two people.

The arm of a telescopic boom lift sits on a turntable that can rotate at 180 to 360 degrees. Consequently, operators can freely move the arm as needed. Telescopic boom lifts are ideal for outdoor use because they can perform well in difficult terrain.

2. Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts have a unique arm. The arm has several joints and sits on a turntable. Due to this design, articulating boom lifts can bend in various directions and rotate freely.

Similar to the telescopic type, articulating boom lifts can reach various heights. Some of them can extend up to 45 m. Articulating boom lifts perform well in small and narrow spaces. They are also ideal for working in areas that are difficult to reach.

Recommendations for the Best Boom Lifts

Artikel traknus jlg boom lift 3

We, TRAKNUS, recommend JLG boom lifts. These boom lifts are well known for their quality and safety. Moreover, JLG boom lifts are available in many models, capacities, and lift heights. 

Therefore, JLG telescopic & articulating boom lift models are ideal for various uses and both small and large businesses. One of the JLG boom lift models is the JLG 800AJ, an articulating boom lift. Its arm can reach a maximum height of 24,38 m. Moreover, this boom lift can carry a load of up to 227 kg.

As a trusted boom lift distributor, we offer other JLG models with higher lift heights and bigger capacity. Moreover, we provide supportive after-sales services, including spare parts, maintenance, and repair.

Operating boom lifts effectively and efficiently will give your business many benefits. Therefore, you must have the right boom lift to meet your business needs. The right one is available at TRAKNUS, a trusted boom lift distributor. Please visit Traknus Contact Center to check our best boom lifts.

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