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Full Genuine Parts from Traknus with On Time In Full Service (OTIF) and Readines...

A machinery's efficiency hinges on the quality of its parts. Every cog, bolt, and belt ensures operations run smoothly and without interruption, especially in the agricultural and construction sectors—Traknus steps in with a promise: genuine parts that fit right and work seamlessly.

Traknus commitment, combined with the groundbreaking On Time In Full Service (OTIF) and Readiness 90 (R90) initiatives, sets a new industry standard. For businesses, this means reduced downtimes, enhanced productivity, and the assurance that every part sourced is of the highest caliber. 

Traknus isn't just an official supplier. We are also your partner in progress. We understand the stakes and are committed to ensuring your business’  machinery performs at its peak, day in and day out.

What Traknus Provides for You

What traknus provides for you

At Traknus, we have always been at the forefront of the agricultural and construction sectors, driven by a commitment to ensuring businesses excel. Our journey began with PT Swadaya Harapan Nusantara in 1983.

Since then, we've dedicated ourselves to distributing top-tier equipment brands across the industrial, agricultural, power generation, and construction sectors. Our expansive network, boasting 15 branch offices, three satellite points, and six service points, ensures our customers receive unparalleled support.

Further bolstered by our training center in Jakarta, we ensure our technicians are always at the pinnacle of their skills, ready to provide the best service. Our offerings span across genuine parts, innovative service initiatives, and a deep understanding of the industries we serve. 

Central to our offerings is the robust Service Division. We provide many services, from Pre-Delivery Inspections to Overhauls and Reconditions. Our certified mechanics, equipped with state-of-the-art tools, are supported by product specialists who maintain direct communication with the factory, ensuring every service is top-notch.

But what truly sets Traknus apart is our understanding of the partnered industries. We recognize that downtime can be costly in the fast-paced environment of agriculture and construction. That's why we introduce the On Time In Full Service (OTIF) and Readiness 90 (R90) initiatives.

OTIF is split into two main components. "On Time" evaluates how punctual Traknus is in delivering spare parts to its customers as per their agreement. On the other hand, "In Full" assesses the extent to which Traknus meets the complete quantity specified in a customer's pre-order. To guarantee this OTIF service, Traknus offers several features:

  • A vast stock of spare parts is ready for dispatch.
  • Warehouses across Indonesia house over 65,000 different items.
  • Dedicated services for delivering these spare parts.
  • A digital catalog detailing all the pieces available.

R90 stands for 90% Readiness, a method we employ to track the demand for spare parts across our branches. It's broken down as follows: 80% of the request is met directly from the unit, 10% comes from our main office in Jakarta, and the remaining 10% is fulfilled through a unique order process.

Every week, we implement a cycle of planning, executing, reviewing, and adjusting to ensure we consistently have over 90% of spare parts available. The efficiency of R90 is crucial for timely deliveries.

Parts Program of Traknus

Parts program of traknus

Our team understands that every business has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all solution sometimes doesn’t yield better results. That's why we've meticulously crafted our Parts Program, ensuring every client finds a solution tailored to their specific requirements.

1. Taylor-Made Program

The Taylor Made Program is a testament to our commitment to customization. Recognizing that every business has its own challenges and operational nuances, this program offers bespoke solutions that align perfectly with individual requirements, such as Spare Parts Inventory Management, Spare Parts Service Level Agreement, Spare Parts Necessity Analysis, and others.

We delve deep into understanding the specific needs of our clients. Whether it's a particular component for a unique machinery model or a specialized service request, our Taylor-Made Program ensures that every demand is precisely met.

2. Blanket Order Program

Bulk orders can often be cumbersome, with logistics and inventory management challenges. Our Blanket Order Program, consisting of a Fix Rate Program, Assist Customer Calculate, Maintenance Expenses, and Free Spare Parts Consultation, is designed to streamline this process, making it hassle-free and efficient. 

Businesses that require large quantities of parts, either for extensive machinery fleets or large-scale projects, can benefit immensely from this program. By placing a blanket order, clients can ensure a steady supply of required parts over a specified period.

It eliminates the need for repeated order placements, ensures bulk pricing advantages, and guarantees timely deliveries. With the Blanket Order Program, we aim to simplify inventory management and reduce operational downtimes.

3. Parts Package Program

Diverse machinery needs require comprehensive solutions. The Parts Package Program is our answer to this challenge. Instead of sourcing individual parts, businesses can opt for complete packages that cater to diverse machinery needs, including Overhaul Package, Transmission Package, One Part Number for Each Package, and Competitive Price.

These packages are curated keeping in mind the requirements of machines, ensuring that every component works in harmony with the others. Whether a construction project requires a range of equipment or an agricultural venture with varied machinery, our Parts Package Program offers a consolidated solution.

4. Massey Ferguson Tractor Genuine Parts

Massey Ferguson is a name that resonates with quality and reliability in the world of tractors. To ensure that these machines operate at their peak, they must be equipped with genuine parts. At Traknus, we take pride in offering Massey Ferguson Tractor Genuine Parts.

These parts are not mere replacements but the essence of what makes a Massey Ferguson tractor efficient and durable. Sourced directly from the brand, these genuine parts ensure that the tractors deliver optimal performance, have a longer lifespan, and require minimal maintenance.

By choosing genuine parts, businesses can ensure that their Massey Ferguson tractors remain the workhorses they were designed to be, powering operations daily.

5. Perkins Genuine Parts

Perkins is a renowned engine industry name known for its durability and efficiency. It's essential to use genuine parts to maintain the integrity and performance of Perkins engines. Hence, we offer Perkins Genuine Parts, ensuring that these engines operate at their optimal capacity. 

These parts are designed precisely, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with the engine. Businesses can benefit from reduced maintenance costs, longer engine lifespan, and consistent capacity by using genuine parts. 

Moreover, these parts come with quality assurance, having been manufactured under stringent quality control measures.

6. HSC Genuine Parts

HSC machinery, known for its robustness and reliability in heavy-duty operations, demands parts that match its caliber. Our HSC Genuine Parts are designed to meet this very requirement. 

These parts are crafted to endure the rigors of demanding operations, ensuring that HSC machinery continues to function flawlessly. Every piece is manufactured with meticulous attention to detail, whether a critical component or a minor accessory.

It provides not only a perfect fit but also optimal performance. By opting for HSC Genuine Parts, businesses can be assured of minimal downtimes, reduced maintenance intervals, and a significant boost in operational efficiency.

7. Link-Belt Genuine Parts

The Link-Belt brand is synonymous with precision and durability, thus requiring parts that uphold its legacy. Our Link-Belt Genuine Parts ensures that Link-Belt equipment, known for its accuracy and efficiency, continues to deliver the most total capacity.

Every component, be it a large part or a minute accessory, is crafted to meet the exact specifications of Link-Belt machinery. It ensures seamless integration, optimal performance, and longevity.

8. CompAir Genuine Parts

Compressed air systems play a significant role in various industrial applications. CompAir, a leader in this domain, is known for its cutting-edge technology and efficiency. To ensure that CompAir compressors continue operating at their peak, they must be equipped with genuine parts.

At Traknus, we offer CompAir Genuine Parts, designed to uphold the brand's legacy of excellence. These parts are crafted to ensure that CompAir compressors deliver consistent performance for daily operation. Thus, businesses can provide uninterrupted functions, reduced maintenance costs, and consistent output.

9. Kubota Mini Excavator Genuine Parts

Kubota, a name that has long been associated with top-tier machinery, has made a significant mark with its Mini Excavators. These machines, known for their precision and durability, are critical in various construction and excavation projects.

At Traknus, we offer the Kubota Mini Excavator Genuine Parts designed to uphold the machine's excellence. These parts (filters, bucket attachments, undercarriages, etc.) ensure that the excavators deliver consistent performance, even in challenging terrains and conditions.

10. BT Genuine Parts

Material handling is a critical aspect of many industries. BT is a leader in providing solutions in this domain. Our BT Genuine Parts are designed to ensure that BT equipment, known for its efficiency and reliability, continues to deliver the utmost performance.

Every component is crafted to meet the exact specifications of BT machinery. It ensures seamless integration and maximum functionality. With BT Genuine Parts, businesses can be confident in the smooth functioning of their material handling operations, providing timely and efficient processes.

11. Raymond Genuine Parts

Raymond's material handling (Forklift) requires parts that match its reputation. Our Raymond Genuine Parts are the embodiment of this commitment. These parts ensure that Raymond equipment, celebrated for its precision and efficiency, continues to deliver unparalleled performance.

12. Canycom Genuine Parts

Canycom, known for its specialized machinery catering to niche construction needs, has carved a niche in the industry. At Traknus, we understand the intricacies of Canycom equipment and offer Canycom Genuine Parts to ensure these machines continue to operate at their best.

These parts, designed with precision, ensure that Canycom machinery delivers consistent performance, meeting the specific needs they are intended for.

13. Ingersoll Genuine Parts

Ingersoll is a brand with a rich legacy in machinery. It has always stood for reliability and performance. Our Ingersoll Genuine Parts ensures that Ingersoll machinery continues to operate at its peak, delivering consistent results. 

Every part (pressure switches, replacement parts, air filters, and lubricants) is manufactured under strict quality control, ensuring durability and optimal execution.

Other Perks of Buying Products from Traknus

Traknus also offers specialized packages tailored to the needs of businesses. For instance, our Single Rate Overhaul Program is designed to optimize engine performance while ensuring cost-effectiveness. We provide detailed machine inspections using specialized testing equipment, even offering on-site evaluations.

Our range of Maintenance Contracts further highlights our commitment. Whether it's the Periodical Maintenance Contract (PMC), Repair Maintenance Contract (RMC), or Advanced Maintenance Contract (AMC), Traknus ensures that businesses have the flexibility to choose a contract that aligns with their operational needs.

One of our standout features is our 24/7 availability. No matter the hour or day, our certified mechanics are ready to assist on-site or during emergencies. This commitment is powered by our "TRS" Traknus Rapid Service, a cutting-edge integration system that combines CRM, SAP, and Mobile apps to deliver prompt and efficient service.

Furthermore, Traknus' On-Time On-Site (OTOS) service and On-Time Solution (OTIS) test our dedication to timely and effective solutions. Our service approach is systematic, utilizing tools like the Automatic Notification System, Service Planning Calendars, and a Mechanic Map to address every service request promptly and efficiently.

Ready to level up your business operations with genuine parts and unparalleled service? Trust in Traknus. Contact Traknus Call Center at 1500-072 or connect with us directly on WhatsApp at +62815-1106-1974. Your business deserves the best, and we're here to deliver.

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