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05 September 2023 Article

Traknus Service Program: On-Time Service and On-Time Solution

In the realm of industrial machinery, Traktor Nusantara (Traknus) is renowned as a leading company in Indonesia. This recognition is driven by our vision to be an excellent company by providing solutions in the industrial, agricultural, power generation, and construction sectors with the utmost value.

This vision aligns seamlessly with our mission to create the best value for our stakeholders. In line with this commitment, we offer the Traknus Service Program as an integral part of our dedication to our customers.

Sneak Peek of PT Traktor Nusantara

Traknus service program

Established on June 11, 1974, Traktor Nusantara, often known as Traknus, has been a pioneering force in Indonesia's industrial landscape. Traknus was established to provide diverse heavy machinery and equipment catering to various industries.

Founded with a vision to revolutionize the industrial sector, our company has been diligently serving the Indonesian market for decades. We have upheld our commitment to delivering top-notch products and services throughout the journey.

Traknus' product portfolio includes construction machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, power generators, industrial engines, and more. Our major shareholders include esteemed Asian and Global entities like the Astra Group and Sumitomo Corporation.

We also collaborate with renowned global manufacturers to ensure that we offer reliable products to the customers. We work with world-renowned brands such as Toyota, HSC Cranes, Massey Ferguson, Traknus Genset with Perkins engine, Kubota, Canycom, Link Belt Cranes, Ingersoll Rand, BT, Raymond, and JLG.

Anticipating and exceeding customer expectations is our constant pursuit. Going further, we extend our offerings to encompass heavy equipment Rental services and FG Wilson Genset with our subsidiary, PT SHN (Swadaya Harapan Nusantara).

PT Traktor Nusantara's footprint spans wide, comprising 15 branch offices and an extensive network of satellite points, support points, and site points strategically positioned across Indonesia.

Furthermore, we also offer comprehensive after-sales services through the Traknus Service Program, providing a range of services that include pre-delivery inspection, training, maintenance, overhauls, and more. This program is designed to enhance the performance and lifespan of the equipment we distribute while also ensuring customer satisfaction.

Traknus' Service Program that You Should Know

9 traknus service programs

Our Service Division presents an extensive array of offerings, commencing with Pre-Delivery Inspection, Operator and Mechanic Field Guidance Training, In-Class Training, Free Inspection, Periodical Maintenance, Maintenance Contracts, Overhauls, and Reconditioning.

These services are fortified by our well-trained mechanics, equipped with a comprehensive arsenal of service tools and specialized equipment. Moreover, our product specialists enjoy direct factory/principal access, ensuring seamless expertise flow.

All the mechanics are ready for on-site and emergency assistance, 24/7, via our branch offices, satellite facilities, and service points. Furthermore, our service philosophy is rooted in our unwavering commitment to evolution.

This dedication is exemplified by our ongoing investment in our service infrastructure through the "TRS" (Traknus Rapid Service) – a system integrating CRM (Customer Relations Management), SAP (Systems Applications and Products), and mobile applications.

This synergy of technology and humanity links you to our global expertise, experience, and resources, ensuring the utmost benefits. PT Traktor Nusantara guarantees the On Time On Site (OTOS) service and On Time Solution (OTIS) that our valued customers deserve.

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To be more detail, here are the details of Traknus' service program that you should know:

1. Delivery Service

This is a comprehensive program aimed at guaranteeing equipment excellence and ensuring customers are well-versed in the operation and daily maintenance procedures.

This service encompasses a series of meticulously planned steps, beginning with the Delivery On-site of new units. Subsequently, a thorough Test on Site is conducted to verify optimal equipment functionality. There is also a Field Guidance service, where customers receive expert training on standard operations.

Moreover, the service includes Periodic Services 1, 2, and 3, ensuring continuous support and maintenance for sustained performance. This holistic approach exemplifies Traknus' commitment to top-tier service and customer satisfaction.

2. Machine Inspection Program

The Machine Inspection Program aimed at providing customers with a detailed understanding of their engine's condition. Through the use of specialized testing equipment, the examination is conducted meticulously, either on-site or off-site.

This thorough inspection encompasses an evaluation of the equipment's overall condition, followed by expert recommendations. Moreover, the program offers valuable consultations regarding equipment maintenance and standard operations, along with an assessment of spare parts requirements.

In essence, the Machine Inspection Program ensures that our customers gain insights into their machinery's health and receive guidance for optimal performance and longevity.

3. Equipment Reconditioning Program

This service program is a comprehensive initiative designed to revitalize and enhance the condition of machinery. It focuses on restoring equipment to either its original good condition or an improved state that closely resembles new.

Customers can benefit from renewed equipment quality and cost efficiency by engaging in this reconditioning program. This solution aligns with Traknus' commitment to delivering top-tier service and ensuring that machinery continues to perform optimally, all while offering a cost-effective approach for businesses.

4. Service Contract Program

The Service Contract Program offered by Traknus is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide customers with tailored maintenance and support services for their heavy machinery and equipment.

This program consists of a range of options, each aimed at addressing specific needs and ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of the equipment, including:

5. Maintenance Contract

Under this contract, PT Traktor Nusantara's customers can benefit from the expertise of our professional mechanics. Periodic maintenance is conducted in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

This servicing also takes place on-site. This ensures that the machinery remains in peak condition and operates as intended.

6. Mechanic Contract

Traknus provides mechanics to work on-site during pre-defined periods. These mechanics serve as consultants and supervisors, collaborating closely with the customer's mechanics to oversee maintenance and repair activities.

This collaborative approach guarantees that all maintenance and repair tasks are executed to the highest standards.

7. Maintenance & Repair Contract

This multifaceted program from PT Traktor Nusantara combines periodic maintenance, aligned with manufacturer guidelines, with equipment repair.

We place our mechanics on-site to conduct both maintenance and repair activities. It's important to note that this program does not include spare parts.

8. Full Maintenance Contract

The Full Maintenance Contract is designed to provide customers with a hassle-free experience.

It covers a predetermined period and includes spare parts substitution, maintenance, and repair. This comprehensive package ensures that equipment functions optimally throughout its service life.

9. Component Exchange Program

This program is designed to minimize equipment downtime effectively. When customers require repairs or calibration for their components, we from PT Traktor Nusantara offer a solution that ensures swift resolution.

Through this program, customers can opt for a component exchange instead of waiting for repairs on their worn-out components. This means that we provide ready-to-use replacement components in exchange for worn-out ones.

This streamlined process significantly reduces downtime, allowing customers to get their machinery back in operation without extended waiting periods.

10. Field & Workshop Overhaul Program

The Field & Workshop Overhaul Program offered by Traknus is designed to comprehensively restore engines, transmissions, axles, or hydraulic equipment, bringing them back to a condition akin to when they were new.

This program presents two options: on-site execution or through the facilities of PT Traktor Nusantara's workshops. Regardless of the chosen approach, the goal remains to restore vital components to their optimal state, ensuring peak performance and prolonged lifespan for heavy machinery and equipment.

11. On-Call Service Program

Urgent situations demand immediate solutions. Traknus' On Call Service Program provides swift assistance when unexpected breakdowns occur. Therefore, this program is designed to swiftly address customer needs by deploying highly trained and experienced technicians equipped with the necessary tools.

With this program, we aim to provide solutions promptly, operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Therefore, customers can rely on this service to receive timely assistance whenever any issue arises, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted operations.

This shows Traknus' dedication to rapid response and resolution to underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

12. Premium Overhaul Program for Generating Set

In order to minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted power supply, we from Traknus provide a complete overhaul program. As part of this program, Traknus offers a unique solution: a complete generating set as a temporary backup.

This approach prevents any operational interruptions during the overhaul process. By providing customers with a standby generating set, we guarantee that the power supply remains consistent while their equipment undergoes the necessary maintenance.

This program showcases Traknus' commitment to customer satisfaction and operational continuity, setting them apart as a reliable partner in the realm of generating set solutions.

13. Oil Analysis Program

Lubricants play a crucial role in the performance and longevity of heavy machinery. Therefore, the Oil Analysis Program within the Traknus Service Program involves a laboratory-based analysis of machine oil.

The primary objective is to detect equipment wear and identify potential damage to engine parts in advance, without engine disassembly. By closely examining the composition and properties of the oil, this program enables early detection of issues that might not be apparent from external inspections.

This proactive approach empowers operators and maintenance teams to take corrective actions before problems escalate, thereby minimizing downtime and preventing costly damage to engine components.

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In summary, the Traknus Service Program is a part of our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Each part of this program is designed to cater to the diverse needs of industries reliant on heavy machinery.

To experience the benefits firsthand, reach out to the Traknus Call Center at 1500-072 or connect via WhatsApp at +62815-1106-1974. Let's begin on a journey of reliability, efficiency, and innovation by starting a partnership with us now!

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