14 December 2023 Article

Best Massey Ferguson Tractors Ever Made

Massey Ferguson takes pride in crafting reliable but easy-to-use tractors in agriculture. These products are renowned for their durability and efficiency.

Massey Ferguson tractors meet a wide array of needs, from small farms to large-scale agricultural operations. Whether tilling, planting, or constructing, these tractors are engineered to enhance productivity and streamline your work. 

In this article, you’ll find the seven best Massey Ferguson tractors, each model chosen for its unique features and capabilities to meet the demands of the agriculture industry. Discover valuable insights to help you decide on your machinery needs.

Interesting Facts About Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson started way back in 1847 as a small workshop in Ontario, Canada. Founded by Daniel Massey, it's grown into one of the most respected tractor brands around. The big change came in 1891 when it merged with Alanson Harris's company, creating Massey-Harris.

In 1953, they rolled out their first tractor, marking a huge step in the company's journey. The name change to Massey Ferguson in 1958 kicked off a new era of farming innovation. 

They kept bringing out groundbreaking products, like the MF100 series in 1964, which really changed the standard in tractor design and performance.

Over the years, Massey Ferguson didn’t just focus on making tractors; they've committed to provide complete farming solutions. 

With a presence in over 50 countries, they keep innovating and tailoring their products to meet the specific needs of different markets, proving they're a global leader in agricultural solutions.

7 Best Massey Ferguson Tractors You Should Know

7 best massey ferguson tractors you should know

Let's explore the standout models in the Massey Ferguson lineup, starting with the impressive MF6713ES to MF2605!


The MF6713ES is a true powerhouse in the Massey Ferguson range. This model has a maximum engine horsepower of 132 HP, making it a reliable choice for demanding tasks. 

The torque is equally impressive at 540 Nm, providing the necessary power for heavy-duty operations.

One of the key features is its 12X12 Power Shuttle Transmission. This system ensures smooth and efficient gear shifting, which is crucial for tasks that require precision and control. 

The tractor also offers a range of PTO (Power Take-Off) speeds - 540, 540E, and 1000 RPM, allowing it to work with various implements.


The MF6712ES, part of the 6700 Global Series, is designed to meet the evolving needs of modern farming, offering a perfect blend of power and functionality. This model boasts a maximum engine horsepower of 122 HP, making it suitable for many agricultural tasks.

Furthermore, it has an impressive torque of 490 Nm. This high torque ensures that the tractor can handle heavy-duty operations with ease. 

The tractor is equipped with a 12X12 Power Shuttle Transmission, which allows for smooth and efficient gear changes, essential for precision in farming tasks.


The MF5710ES from Massey Ferguson is a remarkable example of efficiency and capability packed into a compact design. This model is part of the MF Global Series, known for its advanced features and reliability. 

The MF5710ES is particularly notable for its engine power, which peaks at 100 HP. This level of energy, combined with a torque of 405 Nm, makes it highly effective for a range of agricultural tasks.

Also, its versatility makes it suitable for various tasks, from plowing and planting to harvesting and hauling. 


Still a part of Massey Ferguson's renowned Global Series, the MF5709ES is also known for its versatility and efficiency.

With 92 horsepower, this tractor is designed for high performance and fuel efficiency, making it suitable for various farming activities. 

The transmission system in these tractors is advanced, offering smooth gear shifts and optimal power delivery, which is crucial for tasks that require precision.

Safety features are a key aspect of Massey Ferguson tractors, and the MF5709ES has effective braking systems and stable designs for operation on uneven terrains.


The MF4708ST offers a unique blend of features and capabilities. This tractor balances power and efficiency in a compact package. It has a robust engine with 82 horsepower and delivers reliable performance under various conditions.

This balance between power and efficiency is crucial for farmers needing a tractor to handle heavy-duty work without excessive fuel costs.

The design emphasizes comfort and ease of use. The cabin is designed to provide a comfortable working environment for the operator, with intuitive controls and good visibility. 


The MF2615 is particularly known for its compact size but doesn't compromise its capability to perform heavy-duty tasks. This makes it an ideal tractor for smaller farms or jobs where larger, bulkier tractors can't operate efficiently. 

Under the hood, the MF2615 has a powerful engine that delivers consistent and reliable performance, with 47 horsepower. 

The tractor's design also focuses on user comfort and ease of operation. The straightforward and user-friendly controls make it easy for operators to manage the tractor, even for extended periods. 


Lastly, the MF2168 is designed to harvest paddy or wheat more effortlessly, offering the versatility needed for agricultural tasks without being overly large or cumbersome.

At the heart of the MF2168 is a 4-cylinder Liquid Cooled engine with a reliable 88 horsepower. This engine is vital for farmers conscious of operating costs and environmental impact.

The harvester's design emphasizes efficiency and functionality. Equipped with an easy clean cooling system, it allows us to work in dusty conditions uninterruptedly. Besides, MF2168 is good for muddy conditions, thanks to its high ground clearance tracks and strong structural design.

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The Perks of Buying Massey Ferguson Tractors at Traktor Nusantara

The perks of buying massey ferguson tractors at traktor nusantara

Ready to boost your farming experience with a Massey Ferguson tractor? Traktor Nusantara is your go-to destination. With our extensive range of efficient and durable Massey Ferguson tractors, you're assured of finding the perfect match for your agricultural needs. 

Traknus stands out due to our extensive network, including 15 branch offices and various support points across Indonesia, ensuring easy access and prompt service.

Moreover, we’re your partner with a comprehensive support system, including genuine parts, On Time In Full Service (OTIF), and Readiness 90 initiatives, ensuring your tractor runs smoothly with minimal downtime. 

Our tailored service packages, from the Single Rate Overhaul Program to flexible Maintenance Contracts, are designed to cater to your specific requirements while maintaining direct communication with the factory for optimal results.

So, don't wait any longer. Visit Traktor Nusantara today and harness the power of Massey Ferguson tractors, backed by unparalleled service and support. We are ready 24/7, and you can consult your needs to our team via Traknus Call Center at 1500-072 or WhatsApp at +62815-1106-1974.

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