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24 May 2023 Article

Massey Ferguson 4708 Specs and Features

As the agricultural industry evolves, the demand for tractors that can keep up with changing needs and technologies is more critical than ever. The Massey Ferguson 4708 stands out as a tractor designed to meet these demands and provide farmers with a reliable and powerful tool to enhance their productivity.

Whether for everyday tasks or specialized operations, the MF4708 has the specifications and features to help farmers achieve their goals while ensuring the safety and comfort of the operator.

Brief History of Massey Ferguson Brand

Massey Ferguson is a globally recognized brand in the world of farm equipment and machinery, dating back to the 19th century. The origins of Massey Ferguson can be traced back to the establishment of the Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory in Newcastle, Ontario, in 1847 by Daniel Massey.

This small operation initially manufactured some of the world's first mechanical threshers. It later became Massey Manufacturing Co. and relocated to Toronto in 1879. On the other side of the Atlantic, in 1857, a Scottish blacksmith named Robert Ferguson invented the three-point linkage for plows, revolutionizing agriculture.

His innovation later became standard on virtually all modern tractors. These two historic paths converged in 1953 when Massey-Harris Co. (the successor to Massey Manufacturing Co.) merged with the Ferguson Company, creating Massey-Harris-Ferguson. The name was shortened to Massey Ferguson in 1958.

The merged company continued to innovate and grow, eventually becoming one of the world's largest and most influential tractor manufacturers. It has a reputation for quality and reliability, and its tractors and agricultural equipment are used in numerous countries around the globe.

By 2021, Massey Ferguson had become a brand of AGCO Corporation, a major worldwide manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment. AGCO has helped the Massey Ferguson brand to expand its reach and continue its tradition of innovation and quality in the 21st century.

Specifications of Massey Ferguson 4708 (MF4708)

Let's dig into the specifications of the Massey Ferguson 4708, also known as the MF4708, to understand this powerful machine's capabilities and features.

Variants: Standard & Essential

The MF4708 offers two variants - Standard and Essential - to cater to the varying needs of farmers. The Standard variant has all the necessary features for everyday farming operations, making it a cost-effective and practical choice for small to medium-sized farms.

On the other hand, the Essential variant comes with additional advanced features, providing enhanced functionality for more complex or specialized tasks. This variant may suit larger farms or farmers requiring more advanced precision agriculture capabilities.

Horsepower: 82 HP

With a robust 82 horsepower, the MF4708 is a strong contender in medium-range tractors. Horsepower, a power unit, indicates a tractor's capacity to perform work over time. The MF4708's 82 HP implies that it can handle heavy-duty tasks efficiently, whether plowing, hauling, or operating heavy machinery.

This horsepower level ensures the tractor maintains optimal performance even under strenuous conditions, making it a reliable choice for various agricultural tasks. Furthermore, a tractor with high horsepower like the MF4708 can save farmers time and fuel costs, as it can quickly and efficiently complete tasks.

Engine Type: AGCO POWER AP44

The engine is the heart of any tractor, and the AGCO POWER AP44 powers the MF4708. AGCO Power engines are known for their high performance, fuel efficiency, and durability. The AP44 is a high-capacity engine that provides consistent power output, ensuring smooth operation across various tasks.

This engine is designed to withstand long work hours and harsh farming conditions, making it a reliable choice for farmers. Additionally, the engine's fuel efficiency can result in significant fuel savings over time, contributing to the tractor's overall cost-effectiveness.

Capacity: 4400 cc

The MF4708's engine has a capacity of 4400 cubic centimeters (cc). This cc refers to the engine's displacement or the total volume of all the cylinders in the machine. The removal directly affects the engine's power output and fuel efficiency.

A high-capacity engine like the one in the MF4708 can combust more fuel-air mixture in each cycle, generating more power. This means the tractor can perform heavy-duty tasks with relative ease. In addition, this large displacement ensures better heat dissipation, reducing the risk of overheating and extending the engine's lifespan.

Track Width: 1,297 to 1,848 mm

The track width of a tractor, or the distance between the centers of the two wheels on the same axle, can significantly impact its stability and maneuverability. The MF4708 offers a track width ranging from 1,297 to 1,848 mm.

This wide range allows the tractor to maintain stability across different types of terrain and during various operations, from plowing to towing. A wider track width also improves traction, allowing the tractor to move more effectively through different soil conditions. Additionally, it can reduce soil compaction, which can impact crop growth.

Fuel Tank Capacity: 82 Liters (Standard) & 105 Liters (Essential)

The MF4708's fuel tank capacity varies between the Standard and Essential models. The Standard model's fuel tank can hold up to 82 liters.

Meanwhile, the Essential model has a larger capacity of 105 liters. A larger fuel tank means longer working hours without frequent refueling. This feature significantly enhances the tractor's productivity and efficiency.

The specifications of the Massey Ferguson 4708 provide a snapshot of its powerful features and capabilities. Whether you opt for the Standard or Essential model, you're investing in a reliable machine that can handle a wide range of farming tasks efficiently and effectively.

Massey Ferguson 4708 Features

Fitur massey ferguson 4708

It's crucial to delve into the various features that make this machine stand out in its class. Here are detailed explanations of each feature contributing to the MF4708's superior performance.

1. Powerful 4-cylinder AGCO POWER Engine

At the heart of the MF4708 is the 4-cylinder AGCO POWER Engine, a robust engine designed to provide consistent and reliable performance across diverse farming conditions.

The four-cylinder engine ensures smoother operation than engines with fewer cylinders, as the power generated by combustion is divided over four strokes instead of two or three. This provides a continuous stream of power, leading to more efficient and even operation.

This also means less vibration, leading to less wear and tear, increasing the engine's lifespan. Additionally, AGCO POWER Engines are renowned for their reliability and fuel efficiency, which translates into savings in operating costs and less downtime, thus enhancing productivity.

2. Synchromesh Transmission System with Synchronize Shuttle

The MF4708 boasts a synchromesh transmission system equipped with a synchronized shuttle. In a synchromesh system, the gears are always in sync, ensuring seamless shifting without causing damage or strain to the transmission.

This results in a smoother ride, better control, and improved fuel efficiency. Additionally, the synchronized shuttle feature is a boon when the tractor is engaged in tasks like plowing or loading, which necessitate frequent forward-reverse shifts.

This feature allows the operator to switch directions easily without coming to a complete stop, thereby enhancing maneuverability and saving time.

3. Better Heat Dissipation with Oil-Immersed Multi-disc Wet Brakes

Braking efficiency is a crucial safety feature in any tractor, and the MF4708 excels in this aspect with its oil-immersed multi-disc wet brakes. These brakes are constantly bathed in a cooling, lubricating oil that effectively dissipates heat generated during braking.

This means that even under heavy use, the brakes are less likely to overheat, thus reducing the risk of brake failure. Furthermore, the oil reduces wear and tear on the brake discs, leading to longer brake life and lower maintenance costs.

These wet brakes, hence, not only ensure consistent braking performance but also contribute to overall operational safety.

4. Safety Zone for Operator with Folding ROPS and Sun Canopy

The MF4708 is designed with a focus on operator safety and comfort. The tractor is equipped with a Roll Over Protection Structure (ROPS) that helps protect the operator if the tractor rolls over - a potential risk in the field.

The ROPS is foldable, facilitating storage and enabling the tractor to pass through low-clearance areas without removing the structure. Additionally, the MF4708 features a sun canopy, providing much-needed protection from harsh sunlight during long working hours. This enhances operator comfort and reduces the risk of heat-related health issues.

5. Equipped with Electronic Linkage Control (ELC)

The Electronic Linkage Control system is another standout feature of the MF4708. The ELC system allows the operator to precisely control and adjust the height and depth of the implements attached to the tractor.

Whether you are plowing, harrowing, or doing any task requiring precise implementation positioning control, the ELC system ensures optimal performance. Enhancing the precision of implementing control improves the overall efficiency and productivity of the tractor in various farming operations.

The Massey Ferguson 4708 is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating machines that are powerful, reliable, and suited to the diverse needs of modern farming. With its thoughtful specifications and features, the MF4708 is designed to handle a range of agricultural tasks with efficiency and ease.

Whether operating a small family farm or managing a larger agricultural enterprise, this tractor is built to deliver optimal performance, making your farming operations more productive and less strenuous. Its power, versatility, and advanced features make the MF4708 a worthy investment for those looking to enhance their farming capabilities.

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Mf 4708

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