20 September 2022 Article

Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series - Equipped with the Most Advanced F...

To help create an environmentally friendly ecosystem and promote sustainability by utilizing electric power technology to reduce CO2 emissions, Traktor Nusantara (Traknus) presents a multifunctional forklift, the Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series with a payload capacity of 1-2 tons.

Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series is a forklift with a compact body using 3 wheels equipped with an active stability system, it has outstanding maneuvering performance and perfect stability in handling loads as well as 4 wheel forklift mechanism. The Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series also has excellent performance for efficient operation in the warehouse with an intersecting width of 1,680 mm and a basic right angle stacking aisle width of 1,865 mm.

Prioritizing in high work productivity and low fuel consumption, the Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series utilizes motors and motor-drivers that are able to make this product the best in it’s class by having the longest operating time of 8 hours 47 minutes. To minimize downtime, this Forklift also has an option for battery replacement.

In addition, to support safe operation, the Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series 8FBE Forklift is also equipped with the latest advanced features, namely Smart Environment Sensor Plus (SEnS+). Here are some of the advantages of the Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series which is equipped with SEnS +, including:

Image 1

  • Detect obstacles

Detects pedestrians and other unknown obstacle objects.

  • Provide important notifications

Provides 3 levels of notification, both through the sound of a bell and a light, based on the distance from the obstacle.

Image 2

  •  Controlling forklift speed

Controls speed at start of operation as well as en route based on target detection, travel speed and steering angle.

  • Minimize unnecessary notifications

Notifications can be customized based on target detection, travel speed and steering angle, and maintain operating efficiency.

Image 3

  •  Detect with a wider range

It has a detection angle of 130 degrees, a detection distance of approx. 10 meters, and a detection width of approx. 5.5 meters from either the right or left side.

By presenting the Toyota Electric Powered Forklift 8FBE Series, Traknus as a partner in progress for customers not only presents superior products that are environmentally friendly, but also completes it with excellent after-sales service through the availability of spare parts, unit maintenance and repair services handled by competent and certified mechanics. 

In the future, Traknus together with Toyota Material Handling principals will continue to design, develop, test and present forklift products with the latest technology as the right solution for the needs of material handling work in Indonesia. 

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